Saturday, February 05, 2005

Deliverance Here is the article confirming that Bush cheated in the debates(not that this will change any peoples opinion, these individuals still voted for him after he lied to go to war).

My favorite excerpts:

"At that point, Dr. Robert M. Nelson, a 30-year Jet Propulsion Laboratory veteran who works on photo imaging for NASA’s various space probes and currently is part of a photo enhancement team for the Cassini Saturn space probe, entered the picture. Nelson recounts that after seeing the Salon story on the bulge, professional curiosity prompted him to apply his skills at photo enhancement to a digital image he took from a videotape of the first debate. He says that when he saw the results of his efforts, which clearly revealed a significant T-shaped object in the middle of Bush’s back and a wire running up and over his shoulder, he realized it was an important story."

"...Jim Atkinson, an owner of a spyware and debugging company in Gloucester, Mass., called Granite Island Group.
'The Times reporters called me a number of times on this story,' confirms Atkinson. 'I was able to identify the object Nelson highlighted definitively as a magnetic cueing device that uses a wire yoke around the neck to communicate with a hidden earpiece—the kind of thing that is used routinely now by music performers, actors, reporters—and by politicians.'"

"Revkin, for one, wished it had run. Here’s what he told me in an e-mail message: 'But personally, I think that Nelson’s assertions did rise above the level of garden-variety speculation, mainly because of who he is. Here was a veteran government scientist, whose decades-long career revolves around interpreting imagery like features of Mars, who decided to say very publicly that, without reservation, he was convinced there was something under a president’s jacket when the White House said there was nothing. He essentially put his hard-won reputation utterly on the line (not to mention his job) in doing so and certainly with little prospect that he might gain something as a result—except, as he put it, his preserved integrity.'"

So do invididuals label people and things "Conspiracy theories" or "conspiracy theorists" because:
a. They have looked at all the facts and concluded that the assertions are theory.
b. They are afraid of what it might mean
c. They believe (sub-consciously) that if they didn't catch it, someone couldn't have gotten one by them. They don't want to believe they were tricked in a way, because it implies they were stupid(similar to cog d).
d. ignorance is bliss
e. they're double agents masquerding as objective when they're in on it(for the truly paranoid)

I don't know i'm just wondering why they call people who saw the earpiece on Bush conspiracy theorists. Why don't they call people conspiracy theorists who think Kerry shot a young vietcong or got a medal for a splinter.
It seems it only works when the ideas are young(trying to gain acceptance) and outside the bounded political mainstream.

I mean the history channel now tells people about the aircraft carriers being moved out of pearl harbor before the bombing. Before that was conspiracy theory.

The history channel shows ample evidence of a second shooter in JFK's assasination.

Will the history books tell of our secret war in Iran, the highest echelon of our intelligence letting 911 happen, or the fact that torture was a policy approved by Rumsfeld?

-Jimothy J. Jones

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