Friday, July 22, 2005

At one point in American History there was a 4th Amendment

"New York Times" 07-21-05


New York City will begin tomorrow morning randomly checking bags at subway stations, commuter railways and on buses, officials announced today in the wake of the terrorist bombings in London.
“We will be instituting random searches of bags and packages as people enter the transit system,” Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

World War

The war in the Middle-East has spilled in to Europe. Innocent individuals have been killed, just like the innocent individuals killed with the indiscrimnate bombing campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Every single one of their lives is just as sacred as any other's life.

"How" it happened: bombs on double decker bus and subway

Britain along with others that comprise the "coalition of the willing" are currently occupying Iraq(which was invaded under false pretenses[downing street memo]).

The first counteroffensive was launched against Spain. The second return salvo has hit its target in London.
Why don't we get the hell out of Iraq before we're next?

The citizens of the United Kingdom should be very angry, about being in an unjust war that has been brought to their soil.
Not the war on terrorism, the Iraq War.

The people of Britain should realize how much it hurts to see one of your own people killed in front of you or on your television played over and over and over.

They should realize that more indiscriminate bombing will not solve the problem and is just as barbaric as bombing a subway or an office building.

just like *we* should have realized

before so many britame*PeoplE*rirafgah died

I hope that the individuals who lost their family members and friends get answers.

like ours should have

How many American soldiers died in Iraq last week? does anybody know?
How many have died so far?

do they care? do you? do I?

.................they've stopped paying attention

al qaida realated this al qaida related that
define al qaida, because you can't

a and b
safer or more dangerous after 911
psst:theres only been one chief

they use religion as a tool of social control (who is he talking about?)

the war will never end

unless we end it


who did it?

If its not a cover story lets figure out why.


If we can stop it at the why

it'll never get to "how"




will never end.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Truths of 911(simple,verifiable, and well-known)

40% New Yorkers Believe U.S. Leaders Had
Foreknowledge of Impending 9/11 Attacks, Survey:

Start with an interview of an individual working with Carter and Brezinzki in 78/79 when funding to the Mujahaden or what will later be called Al-Qaeda started:

Intelligence agencies WOULD kill innocents to justify war:

Now the most important acticles:
1. Atta funded by ISI
Leader of The Pakistani ISI(military intelligence) wired the lead hijacker Mohammed Atta $100,000 to fund the 9/11 attacks. This leader General Mahmud Ahmed then resigned after this was discovered by the media. Atta later returned the unused portion of the money back to a bank account:
Cnn corroboration of facts:

ISI is how funding was funneled to Mujahadeen in Soviet-Afghani war and the ISI created the Taliban to ease geopolitical tensions over a possible pashtoonistan. READ ALL THESE, they are packed with important info!!!!

Pakistan Provided Millions of Dollars, Arms,
and "Buses Full of Adolescent Mujahid"
to the Taliban in the 1990's:

Short history of the ISI:

2. White house protection because of foreknowledge or special treatment of Saudis?,1361,584444,00.html

the White house refused to let the FBI investigate two Bin Ladens living in Falls Church Va(conincidentaly close to the location of CIA headquarters)before 911.
These individuals were connected to the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, a terrorist fundraiser.They share the name/blood of a famous terrorist, after the August 6th memo that the president recieved "Bin Laden determined to strike in U.S." Any person would start with them, why did the white house stop the investigation?

3. War Games. Paralyzed defense grid?
On 9/11, CIA Was Running Simulation of a Plane Crashing into a Building. So this was not an unexpected assymetrical warfare tactic, as was claimed later, by the likes of Condi "Chevron" Rice.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

America, Imagine if you will...

A 90% election turnout...Bullshit its not possible.

1.People who cannot vote for the two parties always votes for a third party, and thus realizes their vote is pointless and usually doesn't vote at all.

2.People who vote for the two parties know whether they're in a swing state, so don't give a shit if the polls show a win.

3.Other people who vote for the two parties are just lazy and literally just don't do it even though they're fully conscious of the LEADERSHIP OF THE ENTIRE EXECUTIVE BRANCH changing hands that day.

4.People who don't vote for any party, think that their vote doesn't count and its always going to stay the same, rich get richer and poor get slavery/prison; and/or politicians are only in it for self-interest/money and power.


1. Unless people vote for third parties the republidemocraticans are never going to do anything but smear eachother.

2.Getting rid of the electoral college would allow everyone's vote to count and would make every individual vote equal to every other individual vote.

3.Wake up! What?! You don't think politics is that important? **Holocaust** You don't think politics is important? **Hiroshima,Nagasaki** Maybe you're right? **Gulags** You know I'm startin' to come around to your point of view. **Vietnam** I mean seriously who needs politics? **Apartheid** You know I can just concern myself with draft picks and new beer commercials.**Slavery** I mean its not like politics changes anything. **indigenous Americans** Its not like paying attention could change anything.**Iran-Contra** Yep, fuck politics, that could never happen here anyway.**ABU GHRAIB GAUNTANIMO DASHT-I-LEILI GENEVA CONVENTIONS** yah fuck politics.

4.It will stay the same...unless we all start voting to hold these assholes accountable.How many senators voted for the patriot act? How many for the Iraq war? How many voted to give bush jr. emergency powers to declare war on anyone he saw fit to defend us in the so-called "war on terrorism"? Why are they still in office? These asshole politicians not only think we're too dumb to understand that war is just war because its fought by states and terrorism is terrorism, because its fought by small groups of peoples; when they're the exact same thing. Ok fine you have watched too much fox news, you actually think that our laser guided bombs with cameras riding on them blowing up "a target" as well as innocent men, women, and children where they live, WHERE THEY LIVE! IS NOT FUCKING TERROR, THEN FUCK YOU! War is terrorism, "targets" and "collateral damage" get hit........I'm waiting for your train of thought.....That's right I know what you're thinking just keep going......Bam! You got it "Fuck you jimothy terrorists SEEK civilians for newspaper headlines".....*ahem* Every one of those laser guided bombs the brand new MOAB every time they're detonated it is far more likely than not, that a human not on the "targets" list has died. I mean doesn't that make you feel like a coward, these people(albeit brainwashed by religious wackos) are willing to throw their own life away at any point to kill a few of their "enemies", whereas we have laser guided bombs, or troops armed with every technology possible, killing our "enemies".
Go ask someone from Nicaragua about how the US doesn't seek out civilians in conflicts it is involved in(they just don't do it for headlines), or how about El Salvador, you know, nobody from Chile would know anything about US seeking out civilians...Somebody please post a comment where you define what these two words mean: "Terrorist" and "Terrorism", none of our definitions will ever hold water, you will continue add on to the definition(I forgot the guy who said it when referring to philosophy "When a contradiction arises, create a distinction.").

Well this is why I started this rant:

These people actually had a 90% election turnout. This one is not sarcastic: Ain't democracy grand?

Friday, June 24, 2005

China to buy Unocal

Ok if you hadn't concluded that 911 was a planned event for a land takeover of key geopolitical and economic choke points in Eurasia, it is not too late.

I'm grabbin a glass of water before I sit down at my desk at work when I notice the Chicago Tribune. The front page screams: Chinese bid to buy Unocal(or something to that effect).
I had to start laughing, it was so obvious now.
Real simple for the people who didn't start laughing at the irony of the truth behind the big lie being exposed on the front page, while most remain ignorant.
1. Unocal is the company that wanted to build pipelines through Afghanistan for the Caspian oil, they were lobbying to make the Taliban a international recognized government.
2. Hamid Karzai(president of Afghanistan) was a paid Unocal consultant at one point.
3. The people behind 911 are not nationalists, they're just objectivists, trying to get as much money as they can.

The Afghani pipelines were never meant to bring oil to the US, they were meant to keep up with demand in the soon to be (if not already)largest and fastest growing market: China.

Thats it for now. Read a little about Afghanistan at the George Washington National Security Archives in the "911 sourcebooks" section.
-Jimothy J. Jones

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Notes on GWU-NSA Sept. 11 sourcebooks

I do not know the date/title of these documents all I have are their filenames when they are saved, so I apologize for not providing easily verifiable sites, but I assure you that none of this shit is made up, all the quotes come verbatim from declassified reports, written by CIA analysts. Other things that are not in quotes are my own questions ot myself for later, some answered some not. This is copy/pasted from a word file, so all the highlighting and other crap will most likely disappear. The overall meme that is supported through these documents is that the Pakistan actively constructed the Taliban brick by brick and dollar by dollar. Here are my favorite excerpts and unanswered questions, as well as a list of important people some that I haven't found anything out about, others I have found a little:

Taliban takeover in Kandahar and Qalat.
Rabbani-ISI deal, rabbani agrees ISI moves in to southern and western afghan, so long as it does not challenge Ismail Khan in Horat.
Rapheal sez in tal20.pdf : “He described Pakistani support for the Taliban and Taliban internal divisions between Jihadi fighters, those who went to Pakistani religious schools and a small but dangerous element of former Khalqis who are anti-us.”

Rapheal sez: “He basically divided the members in to two major groups: 1. The mujahideen who had fought during the soviet occupation and were more wordly and had been exposed to other groups and ideas and 2: those who attended Pakistani religious schools and who had strong ties either to GOP elements such as ISi or to pakistan’s religious parties.”
“7. (c) Said it is this latter group with Pakistani ties who have the most influence on policy and on supreme Taliban leader mullah mohammed Omar. The fighters are the ones still on the frontlines today. But they have little influence on Taliban policies.”

“10. (c) Raphel asked ___to elaborate on Pakistani support for the Taliban. ___he said it was extensive and largely provided by ISI. ____said he had spoken with MFA officials ‘who knew little about Afghanistan’ and ISI officials __________ the MFA got involved to the extent that it actually drafted letters for the Taliban. In contrast, ISI officials were well informed. Pakistani support ranged from Cash to supplies to logistical support to on the ground military/intel advisers. There were no Pakistanis actually working in afghan ministries. He said there were two sorts of Pakistani ‘soldiers’ in Afghanistan: Educated army officers with the ISI and uneducated recruits from Rural areas.”

’13. (c) Comment: we recently have received more credible information about the extent and origin of Pakistani assistance and support to the Taliban. Account is consistent with others we have heard.”

-WTF is GOP???? (government of Pakistan)
-WTF is MFA???

Tal29.pdf-main idea is Taliban and al qaida are foreigners in Afghanistan. As well as to win this war one must distinguish the great deal of times between civilians and al qaeda and Taliban members. It is in the US’ interest to motivate the civilian populace against qaeda not Taliban or cvilians, by illustrating that they are the true enemy. (could have been PR ploy to argue that less civilian casualties were going to happen)
10/3/2001 ???

United Front-another name for northern alliance

B(2)-page 7

Pg 7: various ethinic identities preclude a large movement toward national statesmanship. Taliban was able to unify using religion as a social control mechanism; and using al qaeda as military branch in certain skirmishes with northern alliance. Pashtuns are vying for any foothold in region between pak and afghan to create pushtunistan. These individuals were taking some orders from ISi also.

Page 7-9
-serious divisions between afghanis and al qaida/Taliban. Qaida is defined as elitists, with more education than most afghanis and Taliban.

Melmastia-afghan tradition of hospitality, cia analysts argue this is the reason qaida and Taliban were allowed to get a foothold.

Find info about Jalaludin ((Haqani)) the Jadran Tribal leader, and his relationship to the ISI, also find out ISI’s activities during soviet-afghan war.

Bottom of page 8:

055 BRIGADE-al qaida wing within taliban

Pg 10 “allowing Taliban a hpe of ultimate survival might also reduce their support, if not their rhetoric, for al qaeda.” (part of strategy involves driving wedge between bridge of al qaeda and Taliban. They think it’s a given that the afghan people don’t give a shit about al qaeda but may be more sentimental towards the Taliban)

They wanted the Taliban to work with them, actually take arms against al qaeda.

Who hosts who? Qaeda hosts Taliban or Taliban hosts qaeda
Pg 10:
“long term, to ensure the long term extinction of al qaeda in Afghanistan the Taliban must as a secondary measure, be successfully moderated or removed from office. Should the Taliban be forced to defend themselves against a disaffected al qaeda it would produce the spin-off benefit of also materially weakening the Taliban. What should follow is the establishment of a more stable coalition afghan government free of the Taliban and Pakistani interference.”

If they need the Taliban to help defeat al qaeda, why are they so intent on destroying Taliban. If not to create a legitimate international state to go through with the unocal plan.

Tal4.pdf (December 7, 1994)

GOP is referred to as the ISI verbatim.

Pg 1:
“He is worried that the gop may be seeking to ‘pacify’ Afghanistan, inter alia to open commerce from central asia to Karachi via the Heraat-Kandahar-Chamman road. He suspects that the mesteri plan will either be sabotaged or substantially altered by this undertaking.”

MESTERI PLAN-what is this?, important to afghan-pak ISi relations. Again pashtunistan is brought up

Rabbani and ISI again, find the relationship

Gulf between gulbuddin and ISI

Mentions strong resistance to ISi interventionism in Taliban by individuals in southern Afghanistan.

Complex quote:
“an afghan contrac tin Dushanbe told me this AM that there is a rabbani-ISI deal according to which Rabbani has agreed to an ISi move in to southern and western Afghanistan so long as it does not extend to a challenge of Ismail Khan in Horat. The thinking of this source is that Rabbani is exploiting the widening gulf between gulbuddin and ISI—growing out of ISI’s impression that Gulbuddin will be unable to move beyond the Kabul stalemate as it (and HG) had expected. (a us journalist in Tashkent this Am called to say that he has heard the Taliban might be moving toward Gardez—with involvement in Kavul intended.”

-Is ISI using a proxy for this land takeover?

“Aghans here in the us who claim to be in phone contact with afghans in Quetta allege that pak air force officials are readying kandahar airport for support of still larger military operations to include heavier fighting in Helmand and Farah. One afghan asserts as fact involvement of Pak military with the Taleban and that old Khalqis are serving as enforcers in Kandahar. While many/most afghan commanders would be constrained in condemning this alleged GOP intervention by virtue of their own dependence on Pakistan, there appears to be significant sentiment within the diaspora against the GOP move.”

-“Continued GOP interference in Aghanistan could lead to Afghan-Pak conflict. Moreover, I fear the implications for Mesteri’s efforts entailed in these developments. If the mesteri plan is somehow linked to this intervention, It will undermine the plan. Alternativey it could be aimed at sabotaging the plan.

Tal30.pdf (10, 2001)

Pg 1: “Pakistan introduced the Taliban to project its political influence in Afghanistan. Their plan failed after several attempts and resulted in losing control of all the factions involved. The al qaeda agenda in Afghanistan differs significantly from that of the Taliban and the Afghani people”

Pg 3: During soviet-afghan war, west wanted to maintain a policy of deniability. This meant they allowed Pakistan to administer the war, cash, and arms distribution. “It was a task Pakistan carried out with great enthusiasm and they helped themselves to a generous portion of cash and arms.

Pg 3: “Should the soviets ever leave they would have to contend with something the west did not have to deal with. It was still going to be in Pakistan, with all tides and currents of regional problems. Unlike the west, they were concerned with what would happen after the war to ensure influence over any government that came to power in Afghanistan after a soviet withdrawal Pakistan decided to directly influence the outcome.”

Pg 3: “Rather than allow the most gifted afghan commanders and parties to flourish, who would be hard to control later, Pakistan preferred to groom the incompetent ones for the role of fture leaders of Afghanistan. Being incompetent they would be wholly reliant on Pakistan for support. The principal beneficiary of this policy was Gulbadin ((Hekmatyr)).”

Pg 3: “…Pakistan also encouraged, facilitated and often escorted arabs from the middle east in to afghanistan. Eventually a special facility was constructed in Zawha(CAN), in Paktia province, with Pakistan inter-services intelligence directorate (ISI) funding. The local afghan mujahideen commander was Jalaludin((haqani))...”

Pg 3: “The civil war. In the wake of the soviet withdrawl in 1989, came civil war between the remnants of the afghan communist government and afghan mujahideen groups that were forced in to an unhappy alliance, this period involved very casualty heavy fighting under Pakistan ISI, most notably in the attacks on jalalabad.”

Pg 3: “Arabs in Afghanistan. “Vistors” from the middle east had been in evidence since the very early part of the soviet-afghan war. However, they lacked numbers, confidence, experience, or bonding ties sufficient to give them a separate identity from their hosts. This was allowed to evolve over a period of time, which was effectively the incubation of Al Qaeda. For the first time, larger numbers of arbas were observed in Afghanistan during the Soviet withdrawl. One of the key features of the Paktia(cont on page 4) border province, in which they were first established was that I had no Russians. The early phase of involvement was about perceptions rather than actions. At that point the arab visitors were largely linked and reliant on Haqani’s mujahideen in Paktia.”

Pg 4: the failure of hekmatyr: “When Kabul finally fell it was ahmad shah ((massoud)) who captured it, not hekmatyr, the incompentent zealot favored by Pakistan. Pakistan could not accept this result and the fragile afghan coalition government began another civil war, with the Pakistan stooge((hekmatyr)) being backed to seize total power in the end Pakistan was proved right about only one thing, Hekmatyr was incompetent. He was never able to wrest Kabul from massoud, despite massive logistical and material(including manpower) support from Pakistan. Against this failure it should be noted that Pakistan has lost every war it has ever fought.”

Pg 4: “…Pakistan finally abandoned hekmatyr. However, not in favor of a more rational policy, instead they set about doing the same thing all over again. They created another force they hoped to have better control over than hekmatyr’s rabble. It was called the Taliban, the Arabic name “talib” being literally translated as “asker” or “seeker”. Taliban meaning “the seekers”, signifying a student of divinity. This inspired title helped cloak pakistan’s hidden agenda in a new Islamic coat”

Pg 4: “To lead the Taliban Pakistan chose mullah mohammad ((OMAR)), who was willing to do as he was told. According to Taliban propaganda the Mullah was divinely inspired to rid afghnistan of the troublesome war and warlords. Afghanistan was blighted with both, largely due to years of civil war sponsored by Pakistan and reliant on the stockpile of arms plundered from a covert western arms pipeline from the old soviet-afghan war days. The mullah emerged with a fully functioning, fully armed conventionally equipped, fully trained military force prone to large scale conventional actions. Omar’s emergence is credited to Pakistan isi actions. The ISI pressured Haqani
To undertake action against Matun (The principal town in Khost, Paktia Province)”

Pg 4: Taliban prevail”With Haqani’s poorly trained peasant mujahideen there was both great loss of afghan life and repeated failure. In the wake of the soviet withdrawl, ISI also orchestrated and directed the same failed strategies against Jalalabad, with teven heavier afghan casualties. The repeated pronounced pattern under ISI direction has been to ignore the pooly trained guerrilla nature of the afghan mujahideen and press them to conduct a conventional-style engagement, the same style that Taliban are credited with learning form the Koran. As a result of these actions, the fully supported(by Pakistan) Taliban prevailed over the unsupported legitmate government of Afghanistan.

End of page 4: the enemy as Taliban: “Exploiting the difference between al qaeda and Taliban can be made to work against al qaeda.”

Pg 5: “Pakistan has alos lost control of the Taliban, who are proving to be both unpredictable and ungrateful. Under the shade of the Taliban umbrella the bin laden brand of extremism has been able to grown unmolested inside Afghanistan.”

Pg 5: “…chaos, its creation and exploitation should be part of allied strategy.”

Pg5: “It is also important to realize there are four very different agendas at issue”
-United Front “Also known as northern alliance, it supports an independent afghan state, Islamic in nature and based on afghan ideals. However, the conflict has more to do with deep ethnic and cultural divides between the principal groups than differences of opinion on Islamic interpretations. These are the cracks that Pakistan successfully exploited in creating the Taliban. On the ground the war between United Front and Taliban is not w ar about interpretations of islam It is about ethnic differences and historical roots. The tadjiks of the north are outnumbered by the pushtoons. While the west sees Afghanistan as a singular nation few afghans have any real grasp of this concept. To most of the pushtoons, the tadjiks are simply untrustworthy northerners unable to speak pushtu. The united Fronts area of control as gradually been eroded because they are outnumbered and poorly supported.”
-Taliban agenda “The Taliban agenda is the complete control of Afghanistan, using whatever means necessary to achieve this goal. This is principally reliant on logistic and material support from Pakistan. It had been created by Pakistan exploing powerless afghan fundamentalist individuals and factions by dangling in front of them the promise of an Islamic state molded to their design specifications. This, and cash, encouraged dnough recruits to cloak the Taliban with seemingly impeccable Islamic credentials.”
-The afghani style of islam “The fundamentalist habits of the Taliban espoused are largely alien to the majority of afghans who traditionally practiced a fairly relaxed interpretation of Islam. Afghani practitioners of islam enjoyed music, dancing, radio, and sports. The degrees of practicing muslims naturally varied between urban and rural dwellers with women at Kabul university and a more rigid use of purdah in the remoter countryside.”
Pg 5:
-The promise of the Taliban “The attraction to the Taliban among the almost destitute afghan population was less its Islamic credentials than its promise of an alternative to a protracted war. IT was at the time a conflict that had far exceeded its popular life span but was being artificially prolonged by outside sponsors in puruit of their own agenda. Whoever, while stillheaveily reliant on Pakistan support, the tlaiban had now remained in power long enough to develp an independent momentum and atuomny never envisioned by their creators. This makes it increasingly difficult for Pakistan to maintain the rigid control they had in mind. The Taliban created, imposed and recognized by Pakistan proved unpredictable and ungrateful.”
-Osame bin ladin’s Al Qaeda: “The al qaeda agenda in Afghanistan differs significantly from that of the Taliban. They are not about creating an independent afghan Islamic state. Long term there can be no room for Taliban in their ambitions. Having being artificially introduced to the region and encouraged in their ambitions so far they have grown in covfidence and stature. Taliban acceptance and approval of fundamentalist non-afghans as part os their fighting force were merely an extension of Pakistani policy during the soviet-afghan war. It is very important to realize that members of 035(or is it 055) brigade might serve with Taliban forces, but they are not in any western sense integrated they remain rather like an international brigade, different in language habit and in the interpretation of islam. Additionally their vision of the future of Afghanistan differs.”
-Pakistan agenda “Pakistan’s goals are simple the continuance of ht epolicy they have always demonstrated regarding Afghanistan. It is fialing with the Taliban and it cannot succeed under any afghan government controlled by al qaeda. The repercussions from pakistan’s attempt to manipulate the Islamic card is only just surfacing. In Islamabad they have tried ot ignore or bury the evidence for some time. It must be a deeply troubling period for General ((musharraf)) in Pakistan, who is asked to help hunt down the culprits that he helped to establish and supported. Not to support he U.S. Invites trouble and to assist the US to their aims also presents problems to Pakistan. The quandary leaves the Pakistanis confused as to how they might be absolved withoutpermanently shattering their regional aspirations or their government.”

Pg 6: “Death of ahmad shah ((massoud)). Ahmad shah was very unassuming and softly spoken(in farsi, pashtu, urdu, and French) He was the chief rival of Taliban and the chief thorn in Al Qaeda’s ambitions as well.”

Pg 7: “…murder of massoud was a no-lose scenario for Al Qaeda. General mohammad ((FAHIM)) is recoreded as the new commander of massoud’s united front. Whether he can keep it united remains to be seen. “

“Humanitarian adi. Selevctive allied humanitarian aid, strictly monitored an dbeyond Taliban control, would reap enormous benefits in the eradication of al qaeda inside afghan. Just bombs, no matter how surcgical the strike, convcys to the afgthan mind no distinction between afghan and enemy.
-opening statement: “Ambassador (ret) ROBERT OAKLEY and General (ret) JOSEPH HOAR, in Islamabad for track-II meeting, met with Pakistani (Blacked out) and Oakley later met separately with (blacked out). Both meetings were private and took palce feburary 20. Ambassador Oakley prepared the following memorandum of conversation at my request.”

Second column: “They[Pakistan} were also very fearful of a possible pushtoon nationalist/islamic radical BLOWBACK into Pakistan, which already has enough sectarian/ethnic/religious problems.”

Note 4, second column: “(blacked out)[Ahmed?] said he had helped arrange for US Embassy personnel to visit HUA camps[in Afghanistan) and hoped this might help. Oakley and (blacked out) also discussed blowbacks already experienced with mujahadin groups, Afghan and Arab terrorists and NARCOTICS DEALERS, etc.”

Note 5, second column: “…Pakistani leverage over Taliban, most importantly the fact that almost all their food and petroleum comes ot them from Pakistan.”

Note 6, second column IN FULL: “6. (c) Oakley held similar discussions on the potential advantages and downsides of Taliban suces with several senior Pakistanis, including Senate President Wasim Sajjad, former national assembly speaker (FYI and newly appointed Foreign Minister END FYI) Gohar Ayub, former (and current) Finance minister Sartaj Aziz, and former Foreign minister Sahabzada Yaqub Khan and Abdul Sattar. He urged each to encouragethe Nawaz Sharif Government to establish sensible realistic policies toward Afghanistan and the Taliban and to pay particular attention to ISID, which appears to be providing unquestioning support to harder liners among the Taliban, I.E. those from madrasseh and refugee camps in the Northwest Fronter Province and Balochistan. The issue appears to be not so much one of Taliban dominance of Afghanistan as how that dominance is exercised and relations with Afghanistan’s neighbors.”

Point 7, column 2:
“7. Embassy Comment: The Taliban have twice postponed the bisit to the militant camps and have not yet agreed to a date for a visit (ref B). we are unaware of any role (blacked out) may have had with the Taliban decision in principle to allow a visit. Oakley’s point about ISID is well-taken. According to (long blacked out section), ISID has advocated Pakistani recognition of the Taliban as Afghanistan’s government (ref A). The MFA resisted this proposal, according (blacked out) has also claimed that ISID has successfully wareded off MFA proposals to close certain Madreasseh in the tribal agencies and near afghan border, which have been the spawning grounds for Taliban hard-liners.”

-many references to GOP, (government of Pakistan), specifically its policy inside Pushtoonistan.

Opening summary: “…Pakistani and Afghan pashtuns are increasingly being drawn together. A process he claimed eventually have serious repercussions for Afghan sovereignty.”

-obviously Pakistan wanted to project its power into afghan, to prevent a movement towards a pashtunistan.

Important People must find info about:
Ismail Khan
General Abdul Wali
Mahmud AhmedDirector General of Pakistan’s Inter-services Intelligence Directorate, 1999-2001
Gulbadin((Hekmatyr))-principal recipient of post afghan-soviet, Pakistan aid and clout. Fundamentalist, who supposedly boasted of throwing acid on women who did not wear traditional headscarves at universities.
Ahmad Shah((Massoud))-Tadjik commander from norther Afghanistan
Jalaludin((Haqani))-Local mujahideen commander, from paktia, belonged to Jadran tribe.

MatunThe principal town in Khost, Paktia Province


Did Pakistan truly lose control of the Taliban, and the infiltrated factions of al qaeda? Or is this built in to be a policy of deniability for the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent land takeover of Eurasia. ?

Is there a link between pak involvement in 9/11 and the subsequent removal of western sanctions against Pakistan(left over from nuke testing)?

Friday, March 11, 2005

Common Sense

The front page of todays NYtimes reads: "Pentagon aims to shift inmates from military base".
I wrote about this situation coming up earlier; as I'm sure many also expected this outcome. The reason inmates were put on the Gitmo base in the first place was that the executive branch of the United States federal government wanted to imprison "Terror suspects"(translation: Muslims) OUTSIDE of the jurisdiction of the US federal court system.

The Supreme court did not fall for it and actually decided something right, despite Scalia and Rehnquist still being on the bench. They said that these individual had to get a trial or be released. The conservative media went crazy talking about how this would release terrorists in to the wild and bedlam would pervade. The truth of the matter is if they don't have enough evidence to go to trial on, then the person is most likely not a terrorist. Just like you and I(The average US citizen) we cannot just BE imprisoned, there must be evidence presented at a trial and heard by an objective(in a perfect world haha) judge and jury. That is the standard I feel comfortable with, and NO these individuals are not US citizens, so by law they didn't have the same rights. After that supreme court case though, the precedent has been set, if we take control of a bunch of people that are not POWs(or the bullshit legal fiction they tried to create "enemy combatants") they need a trial. The constitution says PEOPLE not CITIZENS.

But that's in the past what I had surmised is that the executive branch would drag their feet on the Gitmo detainees. It turns out they found an even better solution. This way they will be 100% sure that the federal court system will not ensure that these HUMANS have HUMAN RIGHTS. They are exporting them to Saudi Arabia and other countries, where they will undoubtedly be tortured. Not only that but the CIA will probably still have access to them so that the US can keep torturing(its hard to quit cold turkey).

The thing that pisses me off is the fact that they are getting away with it. They first put them in Cuba because they thought that the courts couldn't reach them, but federal sovereignty by pure COMMON SENSE(and stare decises) extends to military bases, territories, provinces, native reservations, and embassies. So after the exec is shut down by the supreme court here is the plan:
1. Wait for the PR to cool down, it only takes about a month or two for people to forget whatever was the hot media topic(prisoner torture, tsunami, bush's draft dodging, etc).
2. Slowly at first start moving prisoners to other countries that have close operational relationships with our military and intelligence apparatuses.
3. The mass exodus, move everyone that would get released for lack of evidence to these other countries(like Saudi Arabia). Because of number 2 it will look like the precedent has already been set and because of number 1 your average American will not make the connection between this movement and the court decision.
4. Keep the people you have evidence on in Gitmo give them trials and in foreign countries continue to torture other individuals that are most likely peaceful civilians(because if they weren't the evidence would be there to go to trial on).

So years from now if they start sending American citizens to Saudi Arabia for interrogation by US corporations specializing in torture(like Titan Corp. In Abu Ghraib), we will know how the precedent got set.
What to do now? I don't know
Dissent is now treason and individuals who exercise their right to peaceably assemble are quickly gassed and jailed.
So I end with one of my favorite quotes that I have put up in this blog before, but it still never gets old.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, only make violent revolution inevitable" -JFK

-Jimothy J. Jones-

Thursday, March 03, 2005


By looking at patterns in the past we can come up with a good prediction of what the future holds. For example we could look at our own revolution, Algeria, and Vietnam; to understand that the occupation of Iraq was destined to evoke violent resistance, that would eventually topple the Americans controlling the country.

1. The United States will go to war with Iran, but by proxy. The US will support either Israel or Europe in intervention with Iran. Most likely under the guise of a hunt for WMD.

2. Roe V. Wade will be overturned. With newly appointed neo-con supreme court justices on the way. As well as the case recently in Illinois Federal court where the judge stated unequivocally that "life begins at conception, for the Illinois legislature". The facists in power owe all they have to the christian right for conditioning enough people with the meme that the GOP are followers of Jesus' teachings. Without that bullshit a Republican will never win a national race.

3. Systems of social control created/perpetuated by the media will only grow stronger. The events of 9/11 had an impact that very few discuss, but we can be sure it is being discussed in the executive branch. The murder of the people at the WTC and Pentagon made the entire US population one easy to appeal to demographic. Also what makes the demographic even EASIER to appeal to is the fear, fear can get reasonable people to do very unreasonable things. So marketing which we already understand is an effort at mind control(to a degree) will become more invasive and effective. The era of terror will not end soon, becuase it is very profitable to keep it around.

4.The patriot act will be either destroyed or expanded through passage of the patriot II. The law that essentially eroded the civil rights that had been afforded to us since 1776, will either see an expansion of totalitarianism, or a return to democratic priniciples.

5. If any strong left-wing leaders appear in the near future there will be an assasination. Either character assasination or bullets in the head assasination. This period is so important transformatively that it cannot be allowed for a sensible citizen leader(ex. MLK) to bring truth and compassion in to the equation. This assasination will most likely be done after the orginization supporting the individual is formed. Therefore when the person is killed the orgnization will collapse, and weaken the entire social movement hopefully crippling it. The only variable in the equation is how powerful the truth the person speaks and how charismatic the speaker. If too powerful and too charismatic, then the option of using the massive propaganda machine(the media) to slander the individual is not an option anymore.

Just throwin out some predictions, obviously fate doesn't exist, I just wanna see if I can ge a few right.
-Jimothy J. Jones

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Deliverance Here is the article confirming that Bush cheated in the debates(not that this will change any peoples opinion, these individuals still voted for him after he lied to go to war).

My favorite excerpts:

"At that point, Dr. Robert M. Nelson, a 30-year Jet Propulsion Laboratory veteran who works on photo imaging for NASA’s various space probes and currently is part of a photo enhancement team for the Cassini Saturn space probe, entered the picture. Nelson recounts that after seeing the Salon story on the bulge, professional curiosity prompted him to apply his skills at photo enhancement to a digital image he took from a videotape of the first debate. He says that when he saw the results of his efforts, which clearly revealed a significant T-shaped object in the middle of Bush’s back and a wire running up and over his shoulder, he realized it was an important story."

"...Jim Atkinson, an owner of a spyware and debugging company in Gloucester, Mass., called Granite Island Group.
'The Times reporters called me a number of times on this story,' confirms Atkinson. 'I was able to identify the object Nelson highlighted definitively as a magnetic cueing device that uses a wire yoke around the neck to communicate with a hidden earpiece—the kind of thing that is used routinely now by music performers, actors, reporters—and by politicians.'"

"Revkin, for one, wished it had run. Here’s what he told me in an e-mail message: 'But personally, I think that Nelson’s assertions did rise above the level of garden-variety speculation, mainly because of who he is. Here was a veteran government scientist, whose decades-long career revolves around interpreting imagery like features of Mars, who decided to say very publicly that, without reservation, he was convinced there was something under a president’s jacket when the White House said there was nothing. He essentially put his hard-won reputation utterly on the line (not to mention his job) in doing so and certainly with little prospect that he might gain something as a result—except, as he put it, his preserved integrity.'"

So do invididuals label people and things "Conspiracy theories" or "conspiracy theorists" because:
a. They have looked at all the facts and concluded that the assertions are theory.
b. They are afraid of what it might mean
c. They believe (sub-consciously) that if they didn't catch it, someone couldn't have gotten one by them. They don't want to believe they were tricked in a way, because it implies they were stupid(similar to cog d).
d. ignorance is bliss
e. they're double agents masquerding as objective when they're in on it(for the truly paranoid)

I don't know i'm just wondering why they call people who saw the earpiece on Bush conspiracy theorists. Why don't they call people conspiracy theorists who think Kerry shot a young vietcong or got a medal for a splinter.
It seems it only works when the ideas are young(trying to gain acceptance) and outside the bounded political mainstream.

I mean the history channel now tells people about the aircraft carriers being moved out of pearl harbor before the bombing. Before that was conspiracy theory.

The history channel shows ample evidence of a second shooter in JFK's assasination.

Will the history books tell of our secret war in Iran, the highest echelon of our intelligence letting 911 happen, or the fact that torture was a policy approved by Rumsfeld?

-Jimothy J. Jones

Sunday, January 23, 2005

That Cog Dee

Ok so this shoulda been posted awhile ago, but its pretty funny. I just keep thinking about it and the people that i've told always suggest I tell someone else.
Both stories are related, the first one kinda lets you enter the mind of a christian-conservative/neo-conservative/facist, the second sums up the across the board assumption of all people who support war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ok so I live near Chicago and a week or two before nov. 2 I was riding the train in to school. This elderly lady with a slight east european accent(not sure what nation) walks up to me with an air of haste around her. Turns out she is a political activist and very passionate about what she is doing, probably organizing with her church.
The woman says to me "Here I have to give you this[flyer]. We have to get young people to vote for Alan Keyes and George W. Bush."
"I can't do that" came my response.
"Oh don't say tha-" she said
"-Does that say 'pro-life for George W. bush' on that flyer?" I asked taking notice of the heading.
"Yes, pro life" she replied
"Were you aware that George Bush while Governor of Texas executed more people than any governor in history and he didn't even finish his 2nd term?" I inquired
"That is not true" came the reply.
I was dumbfounded, I thought for a few seconds "how could I prove this" I realized that I could lecture her or tell her to read. Neither of which would likely help her opinion exist outside a vacuum. So I chalked it up to another individual who let faith overwhelm reason, and if a person is not reasonable, you cannot debate them.
"Well there is little I can do if you don't accept facts" I said over my shoulder as i started walking down the steps towards the train platform, as it could be heard on its' approach.

I have also been trying to drop some knowledge on the facists over at, after I heard they got hacked I went to check it out. The host put up an open letter bitching about socialism. The first thing I saw when I got to the website is an article talking about how Abu Ghraib isn't that bad and the "liberal" media blew it out of proportion. The article espouses an ideology that liberals would want to give the prisoners a room at a posh hotel(as if that is the only alternative to violating the geneva conventions).
When the debate has an attempt by a conservative to mix the colors and make it a wash(which is always the case, like the guy who responded to my post on college conservative with an ad-hom insulting this site you are currently reading for grammar or something[like i'm an english teacher or give a shit, my speech.writing is real]). The easy way is to not bombard them with all the contradictions, but stick to the central meme that has ample evidence and an aversion to conservative's moral equivocation.
So I posted it up: United States Soldiers Sodomized Children on videotape.

The answers were what i told you: an ad-hom about my site, a general bitch about socialist theory guy, and one person who quoted another's post "If torturing an Iraqi will save a GI"s life then black is positive red is negative".

Then I realized this is not an argument, this does not even apply to my abu ghraib meme. This is a general value judgment that conservatives would rather see an Iraqi die then an American(I'd like to see if we could make their head explode by changing the options to: a young black GI and a white christian Iraqi LOL).
I realized that I didn't want to see either of them die or get tortured. One thing I do know though is based on what tiny information I have: the CIA is the Michael Jordan of torture. Death would be preferable to all who will have to go through the CIA's codified torture methods.
My assumption is that GI's are given orders by those in power. GI's choose to be GI's because most of them have very little other choice(college money or second chance at life or whatever). They are killed as much by Iraqis as the Americans who send them to die.
This is the fundamental divide between a facist and republican-democrat. They see war and they ask "why did 1000 people die?" they're response is that Iraqis are animals that killed them and hate us because of 911.
My belief is that it is because they were sent there by chicken-hawks, then the chicken-hawks are responsible for their death.

the entire meme can be summed up very easily: Collective Punishment.
neo-conservatives/facists believe in collective punishment. They actually believe(this is important, because history books won't say this), they actually believe that Islam blew up the world trade center. They believe that Muslims were responsible so all Muslims should be punished. If you remember the rise of the third reich there was a strong belief in collective punishment for the jew the power to really start enforcing such beliefs from the top-down provided itself after the burning of the reichstag.

I do not believe in collective punishment. I tend to ascribe to a Benthamesque vision of justice and punishment. I think only INDIVIDUALS who are responsible for crimes should be punished.

-Jimothy J. Jones

p.s. Can anyone tell me why i'm sorrounded by so many people that are pro-torture? Do they just have no empathy? or are they androids like a Philip K. Dick novel?

Sunday, January 16, 2005

And Orwell was proclaimed a prophet

The congress of racial equality or CORE has an award called the Martin Luther King Jr. award. This award in the year 2005 on MLK's birthday is being presented to KARL ROVE! Thats right the man who helped suppress the black vote in so many places is being honored with an award named after Martin Luther King Jr. This is not opposite day this is not bizarro world, this is reality and the Martin Luther King award goes to Karl Rove.
Correct me if i'm wrong here but Martin Luther King jr. Dedicated his life to racial equality, one of the parts of racial equality is the ability of the African-American to vote. So MLK was assasinated, because he would have been the first black president and in 2005 in memory of his sacrifice CORE is giving this award to Bush's strategist.
I can see the presentation now: "And now the MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. AWARD goes to the man who kept more blacks outta the polling places then the grandfather!!!!!"
Do you think people at CORE can read? Do you think they ever read any history? Do you think they're confusing Martin Luther King with David Duke?
fuck it i can't even write anymore about this, fucking backwards ass shit. I just wonder how many people actually believe that peace is war.

-Jimothy J. Jones

Monday, January 10, 2005

Police Checkpoints in Chicago?

Alright so i'm drivin' in Israel..oh wait it wasn't an occupied territory it was actually Chicago Illinois. Ok sorry, so i'm drivin' in Chicago Illinois, you know the midwest where things are a little more chill.
Suddenly my 2 freinds and I look ahead and notice a cop car or two and assume someone has been pulled over. Well it turns out it was actually a police checkpoint, and I had not had my seatbelt properly fastened(being 1 block from my destination). So a ticket was issued for $25(a substantial sum if you are a student with no job like myself). He waved us over to the side where they had multiple cops handin' out tickets. Every car that passed this Police Checkpoint was searched. This search took place on Orleans and Hill road just off Division and Wells in downtown Chicago. This spot is only a block or two from the cabrini green housing projects. These projects have cameras set up all over the place with bright blue lights on them, everything these people do is recorded, because they are poor. Not more then a few blocks from that in every direction there are cameras set up at intersections that if you go through a yellow light, the camera will take your picture and send it to you in the mail with a $90 ticket.
We wouldn't need BULLSHIT like that when people are being murdered and people are starving. Lets be honest here: has a pig ever actually helped you? Because never in my fucking life has a pig ever helped me. The last thing you ever wanna do is trust a pig, because he is always lying. So I shut my mouth let the pig do his thing and then left. Thinking back on all the times pigs have beaten my friends, planted drugs on freinds, arrested freinds for no reason, handcuffed me/freinds, and all the other stupid shit that they can get away with because they have a badge and a gun. I know that what I have gone through is nothing compared to all the blacks that have been shot by pigs for having a cell phone in their hand or whatever made up story the pig tells.

My freinds and I were still in shock as we parked the car. I just kept saying that it had to be unconstitutional to search every person's car if the fourth amendment exists...Then I realized I was wrong. The fourth amendment does not exist, it may have at one point, but now that it has been co-opted its more dangerous then never having one in the first place. Because now not only do we not have a 4th amendment right, but the powerful can just tell us that we are protected by it while they create new loopholes to circumvent it.
I ask myself why would a person become a pig? To help people? To solidify and unquestioningly protect the status quo? To kill people and get away with it?
The answer was simple: power. Power is intoxicating and in a city like Chicago the pigs are the oligarchs on the streets. The funny thing is how useless they are, but how much people are SO SURE they need them. They don't catch criminals, they ARE the criminals.
Fuck all that surveillance and fuck police checkpoints.
-Jimothy J. Jones

"The police department is like a crew
it does whatever it wants to do"

P.S. I suppose there are some Good cops out there(although few and far between) and those individuals are just doing their job. I still wish they'd stop killing black people though.