Wednesday, June 29, 2005

America, Imagine if you will...

A 90% election turnout...Bullshit its not possible.

1.People who cannot vote for the two parties always votes for a third party, and thus realizes their vote is pointless and usually doesn't vote at all.

2.People who vote for the two parties know whether they're in a swing state, so don't give a shit if the polls show a win.

3.Other people who vote for the two parties are just lazy and literally just don't do it even though they're fully conscious of the LEADERSHIP OF THE ENTIRE EXECUTIVE BRANCH changing hands that day.

4.People who don't vote for any party, think that their vote doesn't count and its always going to stay the same, rich get richer and poor get slavery/prison; and/or politicians are only in it for self-interest/money and power.


1. Unless people vote for third parties the republidemocraticans are never going to do anything but smear eachother.

2.Getting rid of the electoral college would allow everyone's vote to count and would make every individual vote equal to every other individual vote.

3.Wake up! What?! You don't think politics is that important? **Holocaust** You don't think politics is important? **Hiroshima,Nagasaki** Maybe you're right? **Gulags** You know I'm startin' to come around to your point of view. **Vietnam** I mean seriously who needs politics? **Apartheid** You know I can just concern myself with draft picks and new beer commercials.**Slavery** I mean its not like politics changes anything. **indigenous Americans** Its not like paying attention could change anything.**Iran-Contra** Yep, fuck politics, that could never happen here anyway.**ABU GHRAIB GAUNTANIMO DASHT-I-LEILI GENEVA CONVENTIONS** yah fuck politics.

4.It will stay the same...unless we all start voting to hold these assholes accountable.How many senators voted for the patriot act? How many for the Iraq war? How many voted to give bush jr. emergency powers to declare war on anyone he saw fit to defend us in the so-called "war on terrorism"? Why are they still in office? These asshole politicians not only think we're too dumb to understand that war is just war because its fought by states and terrorism is terrorism, because its fought by small groups of peoples; when they're the exact same thing. Ok fine you have watched too much fox news, you actually think that our laser guided bombs with cameras riding on them blowing up "a target" as well as innocent men, women, and children where they live, WHERE THEY LIVE! IS NOT FUCKING TERROR, THEN FUCK YOU! War is terrorism, "targets" and "collateral damage" get hit........I'm waiting for your train of thought.....That's right I know what you're thinking just keep going......Bam! You got it "Fuck you jimothy terrorists SEEK civilians for newspaper headlines".....*ahem* Every one of those laser guided bombs the brand new MOAB every time they're detonated it is far more likely than not, that a human not on the "targets" list has died. I mean doesn't that make you feel like a coward, these people(albeit brainwashed by religious wackos) are willing to throw their own life away at any point to kill a few of their "enemies", whereas we have laser guided bombs, or troops armed with every technology possible, killing our "enemies".
Go ask someone from Nicaragua about how the US doesn't seek out civilians in conflicts it is involved in(they just don't do it for headlines), or how about El Salvador, you know, nobody from Chile would know anything about US seeking out civilians...Somebody please post a comment where you define what these two words mean: "Terrorist" and "Terrorism", none of our definitions will ever hold water, you will continue add on to the definition(I forgot the guy who said it when referring to philosophy "When a contradiction arises, create a distinction.").

Well this is why I started this rant:

These people actually had a 90% election turnout. This one is not sarcastic: Ain't democracy grand?

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