Friday, June 24, 2005

China to buy Unocal

Ok if you hadn't concluded that 911 was a planned event for a land takeover of key geopolitical and economic choke points in Eurasia, it is not too late.

I'm grabbin a glass of water before I sit down at my desk at work when I notice the Chicago Tribune. The front page screams: Chinese bid to buy Unocal(or something to that effect).
I had to start laughing, it was so obvious now.
Real simple for the people who didn't start laughing at the irony of the truth behind the big lie being exposed on the front page, while most remain ignorant.
1. Unocal is the company that wanted to build pipelines through Afghanistan for the Caspian oil, they were lobbying to make the Taliban a international recognized government.
2. Hamid Karzai(president of Afghanistan) was a paid Unocal consultant at one point.
3. The people behind 911 are not nationalists, they're just objectivists, trying to get as much money as they can.

The Afghani pipelines were never meant to bring oil to the US, they were meant to keep up with demand in the soon to be (if not already)largest and fastest growing market: China.

Thats it for now. Read a little about Afghanistan at the George Washington National Security Archives in the "911 sourcebooks" section.
-Jimothy J. Jones

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