Wednesday, July 13, 2005

World War

The war in the Middle-East has spilled in to Europe. Innocent individuals have been killed, just like the innocent individuals killed with the indiscrimnate bombing campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Every single one of their lives is just as sacred as any other's life.

"How" it happened: bombs on double decker bus and subway

Britain along with others that comprise the "coalition of the willing" are currently occupying Iraq(which was invaded under false pretenses[downing street memo]).

The first counteroffensive was launched against Spain. The second return salvo has hit its target in London.
Why don't we get the hell out of Iraq before we're next?

The citizens of the United Kingdom should be very angry, about being in an unjust war that has been brought to their soil.
Not the war on terrorism, the Iraq War.

The people of Britain should realize how much it hurts to see one of your own people killed in front of you or on your television played over and over and over.

They should realize that more indiscriminate bombing will not solve the problem and is just as barbaric as bombing a subway or an office building.

just like *we* should have realized

before so many britame*PeoplE*rirafgah died

I hope that the individuals who lost their family members and friends get answers.

like ours should have

How many American soldiers died in Iraq last week? does anybody know?
How many have died so far?

do they care? do you? do I?

.................they've stopped paying attention

al qaida realated this al qaida related that
define al qaida, because you can't

a and b
safer or more dangerous after 911
psst:theres only been one chief

they use religion as a tool of social control (who is he talking about?)

the war will never end

unless we end it


who did it?

If its not a cover story lets figure out why.


If we can stop it at the why

it'll never get to "how"




will never end.

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