Monday, January 10, 2005

Police Checkpoints in Chicago?

Alright so i'm drivin' in Israel..oh wait it wasn't an occupied territory it was actually Chicago Illinois. Ok sorry, so i'm drivin' in Chicago Illinois, you know the midwest where things are a little more chill.
Suddenly my 2 freinds and I look ahead and notice a cop car or two and assume someone has been pulled over. Well it turns out it was actually a police checkpoint, and I had not had my seatbelt properly fastened(being 1 block from my destination). So a ticket was issued for $25(a substantial sum if you are a student with no job like myself). He waved us over to the side where they had multiple cops handin' out tickets. Every car that passed this Police Checkpoint was searched. This search took place on Orleans and Hill road just off Division and Wells in downtown Chicago. This spot is only a block or two from the cabrini green housing projects. These projects have cameras set up all over the place with bright blue lights on them, everything these people do is recorded, because they are poor. Not more then a few blocks from that in every direction there are cameras set up at intersections that if you go through a yellow light, the camera will take your picture and send it to you in the mail with a $90 ticket.
We wouldn't need BULLSHIT like that when people are being murdered and people are starving. Lets be honest here: has a pig ever actually helped you? Because never in my fucking life has a pig ever helped me. The last thing you ever wanna do is trust a pig, because he is always lying. So I shut my mouth let the pig do his thing and then left. Thinking back on all the times pigs have beaten my friends, planted drugs on freinds, arrested freinds for no reason, handcuffed me/freinds, and all the other stupid shit that they can get away with because they have a badge and a gun. I know that what I have gone through is nothing compared to all the blacks that have been shot by pigs for having a cell phone in their hand or whatever made up story the pig tells.

My freinds and I were still in shock as we parked the car. I just kept saying that it had to be unconstitutional to search every person's car if the fourth amendment exists...Then I realized I was wrong. The fourth amendment does not exist, it may have at one point, but now that it has been co-opted its more dangerous then never having one in the first place. Because now not only do we not have a 4th amendment right, but the powerful can just tell us that we are protected by it while they create new loopholes to circumvent it.
I ask myself why would a person become a pig? To help people? To solidify and unquestioningly protect the status quo? To kill people and get away with it?
The answer was simple: power. Power is intoxicating and in a city like Chicago the pigs are the oligarchs on the streets. The funny thing is how useless they are, but how much people are SO SURE they need them. They don't catch criminals, they ARE the criminals.
Fuck all that surveillance and fuck police checkpoints.
-Jimothy J. Jones

"The police department is like a crew
it does whatever it wants to do"

P.S. I suppose there are some Good cops out there(although few and far between) and those individuals are just doing their job. I still wish they'd stop killing black people though.


Anonymous said...

I have a personal experience to relate concerning seat belt checkpoints in the City of Chicago.

The seat belt incident occured on the north side of Chicago. As I was traveling southbound on Broadway, I noticed a McDonald's Restaurant just to the east.

I made a right turn only to discover I had turned into a massive seat belt checkpoint. There were several uniformed police on both sides of the street.

When the stoplight turned red, the cops walked into the street and walked up and down stopped traffic. Every vehicle whose occupants were unbelted were herded like cattle into a nearby parking lot.

I had my seatbelt on that day and I escaped justice. What I noted, however, is that this appeared to be a low income, high crime area.

Within a stone's throw of this seatbelt checkpoint, I could see obvious gangbangers operating an open air drug market with cars pulling to and away from the curbside after completing the drug transactions.

Not only were people's constitutional rights being violated like a son of a gun, but priorities with the City of Chicago are obviously cash oriented rather then crime stopping in focus.

Anonymous said...

it would be more of a crime to kill black people huh? as opposed to killing any people? black people are more important! im surprised you didnt say "black on black crime" thats another good one! or maybe you did and i just missed it. its funny how your picture is not posted and all i have to do is read your thoughts and i already know your race! u should fix that little problem and brake the chain!

Anonymous said...

lol he says black people, because they are disproportionately affected by police violence. If you were halfway intelligent you would have gotten that...