Saturday, December 25, 2004

Gay Marriage

I just wanna give my quick take on this whole gay marriage...thing. First of all this is a created issue what the Karl Roves of the world call a "wedge issue". So many focus groups are conducted and the human mind's free will is broken down in to a probability matrix. Filter the probability matrix through demographics and you have a model for how voters(automaton voters) will come out.
People are homophobic and Americans especially are homophobic. My whole take on "gay" anything is who gives a fuck? So this guy likes doin other guys in the butt? why the hell should I care? Do you think he stays up late thinking about how I like doin' girls? NO, because who cares. Once there was slavery in the united states, then there was jim crow, and then there was a racist justice system. Progress is slow, but progress is pretty easy to see if you know some basic history. Gays are just another group that define themselves or are defined by our culture as outside "normalcy". Women were once this way; considered chattel, indigenous Americans also, Africans, Asian, Hispanic, Irish, etc. Whatever, groups are oppressed by society. So when a question arises that has to do with "gay" anything its just so strange, because the only basis for any of these ideas are from religion.
Just as Africans were once looked at as less than human, many regard gays as such, as generations grow up and question the values of their ancestors we will see racism, sexism, and homophobia taper off(it will never disappear). But that was a general rant so here is the matter at hand:
Gay marriages summed up real short I feel the same way as John Stewart: "let me get this straight, if they pass this law I will be forced to marry a gay guy!?...Because if not I don't see what the big deal is."

The question of gay marriage should have never existed and in fact it DOES NOT EXIST in political terms. The only question that should be addressed is: "Does a same-sex couple deserve the same tax rights as a heterosexual couple?".

Fuck marriage, marriage is a religious institution, a relic from a time before birth control and before women were even human. Churchs and synagogues should be addressing whether gays can marry and I don't give a shit how they come out.
What I believe is Gays should be given the same tax rights as any other human being who decides to enter in to a lifelong relationship with another. Call it civil unions call it beef jerky for all I care, just give them the same rights every other HUMAN BEING has!
Its like this call went out to all the xenophobic priests in the country and they all decided now is time for the "final solution". What truly scares me is the intense dehumanization of gays that made this 2004 election possibly may have repercussions in the future as the youth have been conditioned with a Hitleresque view of homosexuality.
Now is the time you should go to another page if you are offended by derogatory words and I can release some anxiety.
Jerry Falwell you are a fag, rick santorum you fuck animals, and oh man dick cheney if you weren't so close to death I'd say you were satan himself. You have a gay daughter but you want to PUT A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT STOPPING GAYS FROM HAVING THE SAME TAX RIGHTS AS OTHER HUMANS. You dehumanize your own fucking daughter YOUR OWN DAUGHTER!!!! That is why I have to believe that these neo-cons don't even believe in this shit! They foment anger and prejudice to further entrench their own power I just see third reich everywhere which is my final point.
One of the common traits of facist regimes is oppression of unpopular minority populations. Did clinton or bush sr or reagan give half a shit if gays wanted to spend their life together? Homophobia gets votes, and that is one of the many reasons why I am not proud to be an American, because our government IS a facist regime. I am proud to be an American for many other reasons, but shit like this when Karl Rove creates a "wedge issue" and the media falls in lockstep mimicking Fox News, I get sad that people really are that stupid and ignorant. Believing this makes me arrogant though, so i'm still just trying to find that middle ground between clock tower and monk with gasoline, a blog should suffice :) .

-Jimothy J. Jones

"tryinna find a balance I gotta find my balance"



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