Thursday, December 09, 2004

An open letter to Joe Lieberman

Dear Joe,
Get the fuck outta my party. Oh shit did I say fuck? Oh fuck did I say shit!? Most people have read the 1st amendment. I would think that a senator would at some point in his life have read the 1st amendment. Just because you think a fucking VIDEO GAME, thats right Joe a VIDEO GAME, will cause irreperable harm to society doesn't mean you get to try and censor it. I saw your montage of video game images on C-span a perfectly one sided view. Now I want to ask you a qustion Joe, if those images are so dangerous to our youth and to the country at large...WHY THE HELL DID YOU SHOW THEM ON TV!!??? It is ridiculous more game ratings and more censoring, ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION!!?? People enjoy the first amendment, its that simple, you have been a staunch opponent of free speech, so very simply understood. Tipper Gore and you trying to censor rap music(come on Joe, rap music? that is racism plain and simple) NO OTHER MUSIC. It is idiotic, so now you're back with a cause that will really get people fired up and voting democratic CENSORING VIDEO GAMES! Not a single day goes by when a child can't turn on our news that panders to morbid fascination and see far more disturbing images than a video game. The problem is you are old very simple and any person who supports that move is OLD! Kids can tell the difference between pixels and living tissue for fucks sake. The youth are out here hating the Republican party AND SEARCHING FOR A REASON TO VOTE DEMOCRATIC! Instead you want to make this the party of geriatric puritans who dislike children.

You are a household name because of your run for vice president and although I will never vote for you again as I did in 2000, I hope you use your power to protect the 1st amendment rather than destroy it. As for me I know that there is no harm in people using curse words, there is not harm in pixels exploding, and I KNOW there is incredible damage that will result if you initiate the censoring of art.
I find myself drifting farther and farther away from the democratic party I see Zell Miller screaming jingoist naziesque reassurances to the supporters of the preventive ground invasion and subsequent occupation. I see you on TV wanting to censor and make "tougher" rating systems because these images are so harmful THEN YOU SHOW THE IMAGES ON TV!! Just so hypocritcal. The democratic party is weak because it has weak leaders, YOU are one of the premier leaders of the party. As public opinion swings to opposition to the Iraq war as more and more dead soldiers are shipped home, why doesn't the democratic party STAND UP and show some backbone!? Why dont they try to DO something that the people will NOTICE!? Its very simple Joe the democratic party will wither away until it is a third party, unless YOU show some backbone. Instead of trying to censor harmless(they have to be harmless or you would not have been able to show them on national television) images you should be trying to save the american soldiers dying for this invasion and the Iraqi civilians being slaughtered by our high tech drive bys. So please, strap on a nutsack and stand the fuck up!
Thank you for your time

-Jimothy J. Jones

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