Sunday, January 16, 2005

And Orwell was proclaimed a prophet

The congress of racial equality or CORE has an award called the Martin Luther King Jr. award. This award in the year 2005 on MLK's birthday is being presented to KARL ROVE! Thats right the man who helped suppress the black vote in so many places is being honored with an award named after Martin Luther King Jr. This is not opposite day this is not bizarro world, this is reality and the Martin Luther King award goes to Karl Rove.
Correct me if i'm wrong here but Martin Luther King jr. Dedicated his life to racial equality, one of the parts of racial equality is the ability of the African-American to vote. So MLK was assasinated, because he would have been the first black president and in 2005 in memory of his sacrifice CORE is giving this award to Bush's strategist.
I can see the presentation now: "And now the MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. AWARD goes to the man who kept more blacks outta the polling places then the grandfather!!!!!"
Do you think people at CORE can read? Do you think they ever read any history? Do you think they're confusing Martin Luther King with David Duke?
fuck it i can't even write anymore about this, fucking backwards ass shit. I just wonder how many people actually believe that peace is war.

-Jimothy J. Jones

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Jimothy J. Jones said...

Did a little reading about CORE. They used to be an intelligent compassionate progressive orgnanization. It turns out they were co-opted by facists a little while ago. Since then it has been doing this kind of shit. You know PR, trying to condition us with the opinions that will make the one party government more palpatable.
So a "black advocate" organization gives an award to Karl Rove. Serves 2 purposes:
1. Black people should now feel more comfortable with a Neo-con government. People that don't KNOW that neo-con policy is racist on many levels are conditioned that this administration is friendly to minorities.

2. A portion of "conservatives" don't want to feel racist(albeit a small portion lol). This helps condition them with a meme that they are actually HELPING blacks.