Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dialogue with Scuba

A conversation between scuba and I over Steam that was fun. It is rife with unresearched claims and misspellings.

Never tell your password to anyone.

Jimothy: dude
Scuba: dude
Jimothy: i just was reading this declassified military document about the effects of nuclear weapons on my kindle
Jimothy: and i figured out why you wearing black is functional
Jimothy: one sec i'll just copy it
Jimothy: "once the victim is beyond the radius at
which light-colored fabrics are directly ignited, even simple precautions can greatly
reduce the extent and seriousness of thermal injuries. Many examples exist of people
severely burned on their faces and arms, but unburned beneath even a thin shirt or
Jimothy: so if you're outside the blast wave of a nuke
Jimothy: and wearing dark clothing
Scuba: will it retard the absorbsion of radioactive materials
Jimothy: and you do'nt look at the thing,
Jimothy: bam you're good
Jimothy: first of all light colored fabrics ignite
Jimothy: from the heat pulse
Jimothy: and then if you happen to be in the direct line of sight for the light pulse
Jimothy: if you have clothing it like won't burn u
Jimothy: the clothing stops the haet
Jimothy: i never knew that only light colored fabrics ignited at a certain distance
Jimothy: loooool
Scuba: that is so weird
Jimothy: pg 18
Scuba: do you think it has something to do witht he heat being reflected from the light colors?
Jimothy: i found this in this torrent it downlaoded awhile ago
Jimothy: it has to
Jimothy: liek some kind of spectrum is ok some kind is not
Jimothy: for this like super brief pulse of heat
Jimothy: like dark colors absorb it or reflect it or something
Jimothy: and light colors just ignite
Jimothy: amg
Jimothy: At about 0.1 second after detonation, the shock front becomes sufficiently transparent
that radiation from the innermost, hottest regions becomes visible, producing a
second thermal peak. Before the second peak begins the fireball has radiated only
about one quarter of its total energy. About 99 percent of the total thermal energy is
contained in the second pulse. The duration of this pulse depends on the yield of the
weapon and the height of burst (HOB); it ranges from only about 0.4 s for a 1 kT
airburst to more than 20 s for a 10 MT explosion.
Jimothy: i don't think its declassified actually, i think they mad eit public on purpose
Jimothy: for ppl everywehre to benefit from their nuke testing so they didn't feel they had to do their own nuke testing
Scuba: that makes sense. your commment that is
Jimothy: The response of any given system to the thermal pulse depends on the absorption
properties of the test subject but also to the distance from the burst and the atmospheric
conditions between fireball and target such as clouds, snow, aerosols, and dust. The
atmosphere is not equally transparent at all wavelengths, so the spectrum of the radiation
incident on a target must be correctly calculated and then simulated
Jimothy: so will aerosol protect us from nukes?
Scuba: so the first wave is the blinding light. then its the second wave with the heat
Jimothy: which contains most of the energy of the heat
Jimothy: so you have a chance to react
Scuba: right but a quater of all the energy is produced in the wave of light.
Jimothy: but hopedfully the news at least has the balls tob el ike, whast up nukes comin
Jimothy: so most of the energy when added all up is in the blast wave
Jimothy: the blast wave goes farther than the heat
Scuba: but the timing will only give you a few min at most
Jimothy: but it goes at the speed of sound so you can get behind shit
Jimothy: so you'd notice light colored fabrics igniting around you
Jimothy: that means get behind shit
Scuba: think the blast wave would turn you to vapor?
Jimothy: and you might have been far enuff awy to survive
Jimothy: no thast the heat when you're really realyl close
Jimothy: its like every megaton
Jimothy: is one mile of vaporizing it hink
Jimothy: or its one mile of like catching everytihg on fire, and a fraction of miles for vaporizing
Scuba: so why dont we still have bomb shelters?
Jimothy: lol
Jimothy: no russia
Jimothy: but they still scare us with nukes
Jimothy: which would make more sense to have a bomb shelter
Scuba: but lots of countries with capability
Jimothy: bc if its a rogue state or terrorist
Jimothy: it would be highly localized the intial impact
Jimothy: and people would want to stay underground to swee which way the wend blew
Jimothy: i started reading thsi bc i'm interested in radiation
Jimothy: get this
Jimothy: so in debate
Jimothy: i'm judging and coaching i told u
Jimothy: but in debate you can have 2 types of impacts
Jimothy: overall
Jimothy: one is utilitarian the other is moral
Jimothy: for the most part, people stick with utilitarian
Jimothy: like "if you vote for me i save tons of lives"
Jimothy: instead of "if you vote for me my plan is morally right so fuck the people who ahve to die for it"
Jimothy: so because most of the arguments are utilitarian/consequentialist/body count
Jimothy: everyone links their shit to nuclear war
Jimothy: so there is this argument called "spark" and I don't know if it is an author's name or what but thats what everyone calls it
Jimothy: which says "nuclear war good"
Jimothy: it starts by claiming that nuclear war is survivable
Jimothy: then it says that our current use of energy leads to extinction
Jimothy: that there are type I type II and type III civilizations based on energy consumption
Jimothy: which is their ability to harness solar energy
Jimothy: then there is defense
Jimothy: like nukes get better with time so now is the best time to have a nuclear war
Jimothy: because if nukes get better nuke war won't be surivviable
Jimothy: then later they read cards about how in order for us to get off planet we have to become a type II civilization
Jimothy: lol
Jimothy: so i want to know how survivable long term a global nuclear war would be
Jimothy: because I think that a nuke war in which russia or the us launched any fraction of its stockpiles would lead to extinction
Jimothy: because it woudl kill off so many humans in different places and cause them to be infertile and cause a population bottleneck and kill the water and crops
Scuba: its not like they can target every area on the planet though. least not yet
Jimothy: i guess it depends on the amount launched, but I do believe ther eis a point at which extinction happens when a certain number of nukes of a certain number of megatons is launched
Jimothy: i dion't know what that numbe ris, but its somewher ein my head
Scuba: humans tend to be crafty though
Jimothy: our shits way bigger than 10 megatons
Jimothy: lets find out though
Jimothy: what we woudl launch
Jimothy: in my opion
Jimothy: is a trident sub
Jimothy: which could get cut off
Jimothy: i think they mad ea movie about htis
Jimothy: they thought they got orders for nukes
Scuba: trident subs are a fail safe
Jimothy: to make sure we have second strike capability
Scuba: bombers would be first
Jimothy: which means they always have to be ready to receiv ea signal to launch
Jimothy: what if that signal was sent
Scuba: yeah. they are the back up
Jimothy: somehow in some mistake
Jimothy: they woudl have no way to check it
Jimothy: ok
Jimothy: lets say
Jimothy: korea builds an icbm
Jimothy: would we retaliate?
Jimothy: if they could hit the us
Jimothy: if they nuked LA
Scuba: they dont have to hit the us.
Jimothy: if Iran nuked Israel?
Scuba: they would just have to hit japan
Jimothy: and we would retaliate with nuclear capability?
Jimothy: just for them nuking japan/.?
Jimothy: i mean japan is hearty when it comes to nukes
Jimothy: they're nuclear grizzled
Scuba: no. we have conventional weapons that would decimate that country
Jimothy: no we can't say that
Jimothy: we've seen that logic
Jimothy: in afghanistan the graveyard of empires
Jimothy: and mess o' potama
Jimothy: potamia*
Scuba: if we didnt have to worry about casualties. we would glass citys with thermoberic shits
Scuba: we wouldnt need nukes
Jimothy: bc thats all we'd do
Jimothy: is nuke civilians
Jimothy: ppl that are basicaly being held hostage by the powerful
Jimothy: especially evident in that country
Scuba: afganistan is fighting a guerilla war. armies are not good with guerilla
Jimothy: loose dark clothing i guess
Scuba: warfare
Jimothy: ick
Jimothy: afgthanistan is a tribal land
Jimothy: it was never afghanistan
Jimothy: it was a bunch of tribal and local governments
Jimothy: we shoudl just get the fuck out and stay out
Jimothy: iraq we're never leaving
Jimothy: ever
Jimothy: until the next hegemon takes over
Jimothy: its germany its japan its korea its kuwait
Scuba: isnt taking terrioties part of warfare?
Scuba: strategery speaking
Jimothy: but this isn't warfare
Jimothy: its not a state
Jimothy: they've acknowledged that
Jimothy: its a failed state
Scuba: i guess we would have to nuke afganistan
Jimothy: thats the logic behind their "enemy combatant" bullshit
Jimothy: its police action
Jimothy: its fucking weird
Jimothy: its a manhunt
Jimothy: think about htat fuck
Jimothy: this is an effort to prosecute someone for a crime
Jimothy: and it turned in tot he longest war in US history
Scuba: so yeah. we are still at war right. and 8 year long war right
Jimothy: they call it conflagaration on this chart when u burn up
Scuba: why did we ever cut taxes?
Jimothy: yes...
Jimothy: and i suppose it worked
Jimothy: he got bitpartisanship
Jimothy: got dadt repeal passed
Jimothy: got start passed
Jimothy: but nobody will notice those things
Jimothy: or realize how amazing they are
Jimothy: and in order to do it we pay a really high cost in my opinion which is another tax cut for millionaires
Jimothy: he was also over a barrel, he had to get unemployment benefits extended
Jimothy: that would have crushed the economy if it wasn't passed
Scuba: but the start treaty and the 9/11 bill should have been nonissues.
Jimothy: there would be fucking bread lines
Jimothy: exactly
Jimothy: so republicans have better political maneuvers
Jimothy: they're more cohesive than democrats
Jimothy: democrats are pussies
Jimothy: they're not allowed to be liberal
Jimothy: or else they're soft on crime or pinkos or fuckin whatever
Scuba: they dont need to be liberal though.
Scuba: or very liberal
Jimothy: but people should have noticed that republicans were going to force a recession if they didn't get a tax cut for millionaires
Jimothy: everybody should have notied that
Jimothy: but the media is conservative
Jimothy: the myth of the liberla media is shattered again
Jimothy: except for msnbc's marketing strategy now
Jimothy: which just spits the weak ass liberal shit
Jimothy: the colmes bullshit
Jimothy: bounding the debate on the left
Scuba: the media isnt liberal or conservative. they are just trendy and shallow
Jimothy: dude the media is controlled by a few corporations
Jimothy: those corporations are very wealthy
Jimothy: many of those corporations have actualy companies they own that produce weapons
Scuba: i know that.
Jimothy: if they don't actually directly own them they have huge investments in the military industricla complex
Jimothy: the media will therefore be pro business, whcih means anti-labor
Jimothy: the media willb e pro-war, which means anti-dissent
Jimothy: the media will be pro prison, which means they'll be anti common sense drug laws
Scuba: thats why npr is so epic.
Jimothy: true
Jimothy: lots of politicians trying to shut them down
Jimothy: they say "starve the government"
Jimothy: thats their platform
Jimothy: but the things the govenrment is gorging itself on they don't touch
Jimothy: they kill little tiny social programs like a subisdy for npr and shit like that
Scuba: dude all news orgs and hospitals need to be nonprofit. thats my new belief
Jimothy: i'm pissed at obama and republican and democrats!
Jimothy: th;at could be a good middle ground between public and private
Jimothy: i don't disagree
Jimothy: i'd support a policy like that
Jimothy: did you see that thing the loner stoner put on my facebook?
Jimothy: about julian assange's next target being a bank?
Scuba: things that are for the peoples benifit should not be allowed to make large profits
Scuba: yeah. heard about that in october
Jimothy: i totally agree, certain things are social goods and as people with political needs and taxpayers we should protect them from the market
Jimothy: because the market doesn't give a fuck about what you want
Scuba: exactly
Jimothy: all these banks are refusing to process donations to assange
Jimothy: but bc of all the media
Jimothy: he got tons of high rollers to donat ei think
Scuba: the market can totally survive with out trying to make a buck on everything
Scuba: its epic
Scuba: it truly is.
Jimothy: i think he must have known
Jimothy: that he was going to secure massive funding
Jimothy: in order to make such a suicidal statmeent
Scuba: hopefully this is the catalyst the people will need
Jimothy: or maybe its like a "if they say i killed myself tomorow, its because i'm about to take down a bank"
Scuba: well its not like he is the sole owner of this information.
Jimothy: well he hasn't relaese it yet
Jimothy: i mean u got any idea how many spies and keyloggers that guys got?
Jimothy: they prolly know weveryone who has it or the servers that its on
Scuba: yeah but he and his droogies have it and could release it
Jimothy: that was one of anon's missions was to mirror all the info so that it was literally impossible for the government to censor it
Scuba: its the internet you cant keep shit off it
Jimothy: i can't vbelieve time didn't make him man of the year
Jimothy: the online poll was ridiculous
Jimothy: zuckerbergis number 10
Jimothy: ffs
Scuba: he will get it next year when this controversy dies
Jimothy: so ridiuclous
Jimothy: not him but him being the face whatever hes an arrogant prick apparently
Jimothy: but wikileaks is so fuckign important
Jimothy: its like the internet culture of open source and opposing censorship flowered and is acting on the real world
Scuba: important people tend to be pricks imo
Scuba: doesnt mean their causes arent worth while
Jimothy: oh listen to what i got my sis and bro for xmas
Jimothy: i got them both the first manga of death note first of all
Jimothy: then my bro got 2 tpbs of the boys
Jimothy: andy my sis 3 tpbs of irredeemable
Scuba: i just saw that there are five volumes of irredeemable.
Scuba: wtf!
Scuba: my brother in law loved the boys
Jimothy: that means a new one we haven't read?
Scuba: so many. there is also two volumes of incorruptable.
Jimothy: the people who the tea party elects are fascists
Scuba: dude. im starting to like scott brown
Jimothy: whats he been doin?
Scuba: pissing off the teaparty
Jimothy: lol
Jimothy: lololol;
Jimothy: they organized that thing fo rhim in boston
Jimothy: and he didn't show up
Jimothy: he didn't wanan be associated with them
Jimothy: i give him props for htat
Scuba: i know. cause mass doesnt want a teaparty
Scuba: we had ours
Jimothy: lol
Scuba: it sure was weird how much got done in the lame duck.
Jimothy: because democrats are afraid of next term
Scuba: but know what i find really interesting.
Jimothy: wut
Jimothy: wiki sez he was one of five republicans who tried to get the jobs bill passed immediately
Jimothy: actually i don't know
Scuba: the republicans with a minority were able to strongarm everyone. so when the tables are reversed next session. everyone already assumes that the dems will roll over. even the dems seem to feel that way.
Jimothy: it sez cloture
Jimothy: i think thats the media
Jimothy: creating a narrative
Scuba: but no one is trying to refute it.
Jimothy: i think it was an effort at bipartisanship
Jimothy: i mean it was a compromise
Jimothy: a millionaire tax cut sucks ass
Jimothy: but a bunch of shit got done
Jimothy: i guess thats what obama said he'd do in the campain is aim for bi part
Jimothy: obama was hoping this would be cast as a win for him
Scuba: which people are saying it is
Jimothy: but then whats next
Jimothy: he should get some of the other shit he said he'd pass
Jimothy: he said he'd get the senate to ratify ctbt
Scuba: whats ctbt
Jimothy: comprehensive test ban treaty
Jimothy: clinton signed it awhile ago
Jimothy: but it just gets tabbled in the senate
Scuba: there should be a limit on tableing
Jimothy: he said in the campaignhe'd passit
Jimothy: well its better this way for this policy
Jimothy: because the military has acted as if the senate were about to ratify it fo ryears
Jimothy: that document from the army i linked to you
Jimothy: said that they stopped testing in 96
Jimothy: and i was like wtf, ctbt never was ratified
Jimothy: that was like jessie helms capstone
Jimothy: just an old white supremacist conservative
Jimothy: any policy that restrained the military was bad
Jimothy: he'd be okay with the military being police
Jimothy: how about a little work on gitmo
Jimothy: whatever
Jimothy: but the state of the union is in jan
Scuba: gitmo is never going away dude
Jimothy: next month we'll hear the state of the union
Jimothy: we'll see if he can carry the bipart over
Scuba: nope.
Scuba: he wont.
Jimothy: so people ar ejust going to be in this state of exception until they die at gitmo
Jimothy: its so fucked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scuba: i know
Jimothy: at least he gave like half of 'em trials
Jimothy: anybody tlakin shit about eric holder
Jimothy: he may be a douchebag
Jimothy: but him and obama are not bringing the federal marshalls down on states with open pot laws
Jimothy: and he managed to get a few trials
Jimothy: better than nothing
Jimothy: scott brown voted for the repeal?
Jimothy: baller
Scuba: hell yeah he did. he is from mass
Jimothy: jobs bill and start
Jimothy: not bad
Jimothy: the eloguence
Jimothy: lol
Scuba: i just wonder how long he will be able to keep this up
Jimothy: perfect i'm not even gonna fix that spelling
Jimothy: "There’s enough of an underground movement in the Tea Party movement as seeing him as not being conservative enough.
Jimothy: presidnet of the greater boston tea party
Jimothy: shes obviously stupid
Jimothy: why couldn't she just be like "there are a growing number of people in the tea party movement that believe he is not conservative enough"
Jimothy: or like
Jimothy: lots of people don't think hes conservative enough
Scuba: in my opinion. there is voting witht he party no matter what. then there is doing what you think is best for your state and country.
Jimothy: underground movmeent in the movement which see things
Jimothy: he represents massachusetts
Scuba: underground movement adds a layer of intrigue
Jimothy: if he keeps voting for easy bills and not being extremist douchebag he'll get re-elected
Jimothy: i mean wtf start?
Jimothy: why would you oppose it?
Scuba: i know
Jimothy: its a simple check on accidental launch and proliferation
Jimothy: the repeal of dadt?
Jimothy: wtf
Jimothy: its not like NOW there are gays in the military
Jimothy: its like we just got rid of this antiquated thing
Scuba: but dadt is going to be tricky though.
Jimothy: yes this is what i have heard
Scuba: with all the fine details.
Jimothy: it might be used to discriminate
Scuba: it will work. its just going to end up setting an example for the rest of the countries policy
Scuba: obvioulsy it will.
Scuba: people are still discriminated becasue they are colored.
Jimothy: which is good
Scuba: but no as much anymore
Jimothy: i mean the firs thting u said
Scuba: yeah.
Scuba: it will be. but it will take a while and not fun
Scuba: not be fun
Jimothy: modeling is important as well
Jimothy: maybe asking is important
Jimothy: maybe its really really bad
Jimothy: because if they ask
Jimothy: they can figure out if there is discrimination
Scuba: but they dont have to tell
Scuba: why should they have to
Scuba: if they dont want to bring their sexuality into their job they shouldnt have to.
Scuba: but. what do you do about dependents for teh gheys
Scuba: do they get the same rights as the non gheys?
Scuba: if so where does that apply? only foriegn bases, only certain states?
Jimothy: does anythign need to be changed?
Jimothy: i don't think so
Scuba: so they can serve but they cant get married?
Jimothy: well
Jimothy: lets get that taken car eof
Scuba: cant bring their loved ones overseas? share the same insurance and back accounts?
Jimothy: if gays wanna make themselves misreable with marraige and die for vague ideas of nationalism then shit we oughtta let 'em
Jimothy: well lets get that taken care of!
Scuba: i know right
Scuba: im just saying that dadt is going to have to answer these questions
Jimothy: elaine donnely's think tank si called the center for military readiness
Scuba: and those answers will have to carry over to the states the personel live in
Jimothy: the acronym CMR, can also stand for civil-military relations
Jimothy: I hope they are answered correctly
Scuba: me too
Jimothy: and i'm glad the military supported this
Scuba: me too.
Jimothy: it shows a very politically conscious military
Jimothy: even though they're getting shit on by politics left and right
Scuba: my friend whos in the army brought up some interesting questions.
Jimothy: maybe thats why i guess
Scuba: lets say there are two people in a unit. ones gay the other has a problem with it.
Jimothy: then he can suck it up and follow orders lol
Jimothy: i mean fuck
Scuba: can the commander request transfers on this bases with out violating anyones rights?
Jimothy: or he gets booted jsut like a white supremacist serviceman beating a jewish or black serviceman
Scuba: they only got booted cause they beat the guy.
Jimothy: the commander can request transfers and he'll choose whichever he thinks is best
Jimothy: exactly
Jimothy: at the point its reaching violence its fucking with discipline
Jimothy: up until then who cares
Jimothy: you may ahte someone u still gotta follow orders
Scuba: but verbal and emotional abuse happen with much more frequency and goes unpunished.
Jimothy: and u might as well be nice bc you neve rknow if he'll be ur supreior officer down the road
Jimothy: thats true, but I don't think this policy was restraining such instances
Scuba: not everyone thinks that way
Jimothy: i think there were still many instances before this policy, and most people were aware if people in their unit were gay
Scuba: oh yeah it was well known.
Jimothy: means that others will have to get used to the idea of being exposed to people who may be sexually attracted to them
Jimothy: lol
Scuba: we have had queermos in the service for as long as weve had queermos
Jimothy: thats what donnely sez
Jimothy: its like do these peple not udnerstand that gays wer ein the military before dadt was repealed?
Jimothy: i norite
Scuba: why do people think that every gay person they meet is going to hit on them or rape them?
Scuba: just now the military has to recognize that fact
Jimothy: thats the other thing people conflat homosexuality with sexual violence and pedophila
Scuba: which will be sweet, in the end
Scuba: proabably be pretty bitter before then
Jimothy: there is possbility for backfire, but we might see a good result in terms of long term acceptance of homosexuality as a social inevitability
Scuba: when those instances are usually done by the straights
Jimothy: ok i should hav eleft for work like 5 min ago, i'm supposed to get in to logan at 11pm, and my bro flew today and said that the airports are complete clusterfuck terrible so we'll see
Jimothy: i'll talk to you before my flight though peace
Scuba: later

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