Sunday, August 29, 2004

three times as many arrests at RNC than DNC already

I heard on the 27th of August(on fox news haha) before the convention had even started that at the RNC there were three times as many arrests as the entire DNC.
Protestors were not allowed to use central park said a judge.
And everyone's favorite proof that democracy and the bill of rights exist today: Free-speech Zones. Those aesthetically beautiful internment camps for protestors.

I have been reading and found evidence of CIA foreknowledge of 9/11 and the insider stock trading on the parent company of UAL and American Airlines.
Again I do not wholeheartedly believe this story, I just draw conclusions from the evidence. The conclusions are debated, but the evidence doesn't lie You should check it out yourself though at:
and (Michael C. Ruppert 's site, great researching and journalism) This man is sometimes called a conspiracy theorist, but anyone who knows Iran-Contra knows it ain't no conspiracy about CIA drug involvement. His line of reasoning on 9/11 is harder to swallow, but one can't argue with the massive amounts of evidence from credible mass media sources) Also

So don't listen to my bullshit, read up and leave some postings on my site about your arguments for and against the idea of CIA foreknowledge and the Insider stock trading. I would love to hear many people's opinions on this subject(but only if people actually read some of the documents haha)
If you really dont' like reading, go download Bit Torrent and paste this link in yer browser:

Unless all of the people in the United States have a firm grip on what reality actually is by reading history and researching, then a representative democracy cannot function, because we will never solve our problems.

-Jimothy J. Jones

"Drop dead, it doesn?t matter," she said
"It only hurts when I laugh," she said
"Sometimes it?s never a crime
"To spend the day in bed"
She made certain that the curtains were red
To dream better by the light they would shed
She leaned back, tilted her head
And this is what she said?

"You can?t win; think it over again
"I can?t win; look at the trouble I?m in
"We can?t win and we?re stuck here together
"Yeah, I hope it will last forever."

"Don?t ever dare to hope," he said
"So I?m never let down too bad
"I know there?s nowhere to go
"So I?ll just stay here, instead"
He knew better than to pull at a thread
They unravel like the thoughts in his head
He looked out; it filled him with dread
And this is what he said?


With good looks and books on their side
And hearts bursting with national pride
They sang songs and went along for the ride
And the other side complied
They said, "ey, man, where do you reside?
"And could it be mother?s superior lied?
"And is it possible too many have died?"
It?s only natural to reply

-Bad Religion "Boot stamping on a human face forever"

"empty factories to the east and all our waste the shape of things that came shows on the broken workers face to the west you'll find our silicon promised lands where machines replace our minds for systematic profit plans the course of human progress staggers like a drunk it's steps are quick and heavy and its mind is slow and blunt i look for optimism but i just don't know it's seeds are planted in a poison place where nothing grows it's 1989 stand up and take a look around weathers bitter tension it seems is sinking down drunk with power and fighting one another every hour shows the winter getting harder theres a freezeup coming one nation stands the tallest radiating blinding light plastic and fluorescent energy robbing us of sight set in our way content with our decay we wave the flag of freedom as we conquer and invade ever ask yrself wheres my place in this hell but no ones there to tell you cuz they don't know that themselves the well rehearsed lines from our elated politicians no longer offer solace we can see the self destruction just one political song to drop into the list that is years and years long"
-Operation Ivy "Freeze Up"

"The main attraction - distraction
got ya number than nnumber than numb
Empty ya pockets son; they got you thinkin that
What ya need is what they sellin
Make you think that buyin is rebellin
From the theaters to malls on every shore
Tha thin line between entertainment and war
The frontline is everywhere, there be no shelter here
Speilberg the nightmare works so push it far
Amistad was a whip, the truth was feathered and tarred
Memory erased, burned and scarred
Trade in ya history for a VCR

Cinema, simulated life, ill drama
Fourth Reich culture - Americana
Chained to the dream they got ya searchin for
Tha thin line between entertainment and war

There be no shelter here
Tha frontline is everywhere

Hospitals not profit full
Yet market bulls got pockets full
To advertise some hip disguise
View tha world from American eyes
Tha poor adore keep fiendin for more
Tha thin line between entertainment and war
They fix the need, develop the taste
Buy their products or get laid to waste
Coca-Cola is back in the veins of Saigon
And Rambo too, he got a dope pair of Nikes on
And Godzilla pure muthafuckin filler
To keep ya eyes off the real killer

Cinema, simulated life, ill drama
Fourth Reich culture - Americana
Chained to the dream they got ya searchin for
Tha thin line between entertainment and war

American eyes, American eyes....
View the world from American eyes
Bury the past, rob us blind
And leave nothin behind

Just stare
Relive the nightmare."
-Rage Against the Machine "No Shelter"


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