Saturday, September 04, 2004

The rule of Rhetoric as a perpetuator of injustice.

Without taking a normative stance in your verbal communication, you implicitly endorse the status quo.
This is true of actions that do not accept a normative stance. If an individual is claming objectivity this is a lie. No person can be fully objective and not choose sides. This is how at the Republican National Convention they do not need to say anything just remind them of 9.11 and how they should be fearful and thus look to the hardline leader. This is because the status quo is dominated by their power, so every journalist every individual who claims they are not biased and are attempting objectivity will in fact be full of shit and justify the status quo. Bill O'REilly great example of this the guy claims to be an objective moderate. The truth is the man is ultra-conservative proven by his support for privitization of social security(also known as the "whiskey and hookers" plan thanks to Tom Tomorrow).

So as long as the individual keep claiming to be objective, you should know that by even stating this as their belief they are in fact supporting the middle eastern blitzkrieg. We were brought to war on lies many people have died because of George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, condoleeza "chevron" rice, and john Ashcroft. I hope these criminals do not retain control of our government. Just a quick blog today though a very simple message: Take a stance choose what is right to you, choose why it is right, and tell others the justice and injustice you see.
Our country still has a chance to blossom like the metaphorical flower through the blacktop if we focus on progress not expansion of the status quo institutionalized and co-opted forms of power.
Vote Bush for the draft
vote bush for war with iran
vote bush for supply-side economics
vote bush for aristocracy by ending the estate tax, capital gains tax,and dividends tax
vote bush for military industrial complex system of patronage
vote bush for halliburton no-bid contracts in all the new countries we need to spread freedom to.

Remember that the Nazis did not take over the neighboring countries they liberated them and brought them the freedom of the corporation. Remember Mussolini said facism is the merging of the state and the corporation.

whatever you guys know the deal one candidate went to vietnam the other used his connections to live a life of luxury, be appointed to the white house and then a massive influx of political capital through the terrorist attacks. They are using this political capital to shut out dissent to shut the left down. In the third reich they came for the communists first remember, just a radical group like all the peoole outside getting arrested for letting their opinion be heard.

do something, and make sure you let him know if it comes up in conversation that you are anti-torture and you think serious investigation should be brought. its late all i see are the overarching powers restricting our culture.
=JImothy J. Jones

-Jimothy J. Jones

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