Wednesday, October 06, 2004

operation Northwoods(the government planned on using terrorism to get the public behind a war with Cuba[the document refers to the sinking of the Maine before the spainish-american war and insinuates this was done for the same reason of motivating the "democracy" to go to war]):

Iran-Contra proved that the federal government of the United States of America is involved in drug smuggling. Where do they smuggle drugs you say? where else, the United States(specifically South Central Los Angeles). So here is the reasoning The CIA would hire criminals to engage in crimes, the sale of arms and the delivery of "humanitarian aid" and do you think these criminals would fly back in to the United States (gauranteed not to have to mess with customs) without some sort of contraband????:

At the top of the hierarchy they all knew that they were smuggling drugs in to the country in order to fund a brutal terrorist group in Nicaragua and use Iran to exacerbate the Iraq-Iran conflict that we are using today to justify the invasion of Iraq(specifically the Halabjah mustard gas incident. Here are theories on how high the knowledge went and the fact that our government has made drugs illegal and then imports them(where do they import them you say? obviously where a great deal of poor minorities are duh![Don't you hate these NarcoPolitricks?]): ,

Why do we care about Iran-Contra in this modern day and age? Because our new administration is just recycled iran-contra drug smugglers
(remember Ollie North went on Fox news' Hannity and Colmes to try to "clear his name"(this is a euphemeism for mislead/lie to the american people to get them to believe he wasn't a known accomplice to massive drug smuggling operations)[Although North lost the election this is another example of Fox News being an agent of right wing propaganda even to the point that they will knowingly lie about an individidual responsible for a massive influx of cocaine in the mid-1980s, some argue this influx caused the 1986 crack epidemic in LA{including Gary Webb and many other sites: }]

Want Ashcroft to put you in a camp?????
LA Times-
Wash. Post -

The CIA and drugs:
"In my 30-year history in the Drug Enforcement Administration and related agencies, the major targets of my investigations almost invariably turned out to be working for the CIA." --Dennis Dayle, former chief of an elite DEA enforcement unit. FROM: Peter Dale Scott & Jonathan Marshall, Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies, and the CIA in Central America, Berkeley: U. of CA Press, 1991, pp. x-xi.

Never forget that according to the National Office of Drug Control Policy as published in Samuel Walker's book "Sense and Nonsense about crime and drugs"
74% of all people incarcerated for narcotics crimes guessed it African-American.

Some people call this a conspiracy, you want conspiracy go look at those crazy fools who deny the halocaust and say we're descendents of aliens and all that crap. Or conspiracies of the ancient secret societies running our entire world. DOCUMENTED FACTS AINT' CONSPIRACY. If you think that during the Iran-Contra fiasco the CIA wasn't complicit in the smuggling of HUNDREDS OF TONS of Cocaine in to the United States then you are.........stupid, ok I said it you're stupid because the proof is there. The George Washington University National Security Archives is constantly subpeoning(spelling?) the federal government under the FOIA to get new documents. Senator Leahy just asked for a shitload of documents relating to the torture of Iraqi Civilians
(good job Leahy, Unlike many Americans who now have been inculcated with a belief that "Justice is un-american" I think we should find the people responsible for these morally repugnant acts[and I do NOT mean the soldiers I mean the people at the top who commanded it, all soldiers CAN do is follow orders they have their psyches broken down so all they CAN do is follow orders, they have been following orders and they are also victims because it is psychologically impossible not to have mental problems after you have sodomized civilian children {on videotape:}, raped women , Tore at people with dogs, froze or burned them, starved them, beat them, and the two best ones{because Rumsfeld ADMITTED to authorizing them} The Hooding and threatening that you will die if you step off the box and the tying of an individual to a flat board and submerging them underwater . THESE LAST TWO METHODS WERE APPROVED BY RUMSFELD!!!!])

Let me run the list by you one more time:
-drug war, while smuggling drugs in to country, 74% of people incarcerated for drug crimes are Black

-Ashcroft has plans on concentration camps and how to get United States citizens in to them.

-Oil is about to run out so we are killing and torturing massive amounts of human beings in other countries for this finite resource.

-Freedom of Speech no longer exists in this country instead we have special barbed wire fenced in "free speech zones" and these are the places where it is OK to peacefully assemble.

-Freedom of religion has been diminished by the ongoing PR war against Muslims and the constant references to Bush's christian god. We are fighting a war for Born Again Christians, if you are not one of these hard-core evangelist christians or not a christian at all then how are these policies just???

-More and more of our taxpayer money is being cut from social issues and goes to one of two places: The military industrial complex to run the "war on terrorism" or the Prison industrial complex and law enforcement to run "the war on drugs" (also known as the "war on personal freedoms")

-So why are we giving our money to torture and kill innocents in Iraq, as well as put in cages our freinds and family (specifically the young and minorities) for victimless crimes. The answer is money, I ain't no communist so fuck off stupid neo-cons. I know thats what you're thinking if you've been conditioned by the right, but don't start coming with the same old republican attacks on any type of change by condemning it as communist. This has nothing to do with that argument. The point is simple: The Military and Prison industrial complexes are operated at a loss to provide us with great potential to commit evil. SLASH FUNDING!!(and I do not mean privatize prisons, people who make profit off of putting humans in cages are morally repugnant) I mean actually slash funding you can take 2 moves that would free up massive law enforcement funding: End the war on personal freedoms and the death penalty, these policies are far more expensive than the alternative(which is to not have either of them).
These tax-cut and spend conservatives and their "want to embolden the myth of 'being hard on crime'" freinds on the liberal end are both dumb asses, and don't ever let one side convince you that the other side spends or saves more. THE ONLY THING THAT HAS BEEN SHOWN TO SUSTAINABLY REDUCE CRIME IS A STRONG ECONOMY. We need to reduce defense spending, reduce law enforcement spending, legalize narcotics(which would destroy all gangs currently formed around the sale of narcotics), and stop playing world government(thats the UN's job to enforce the WMD treaties). This will leave tons of money for: treatment of addicts, drug education, prosecution of crimes that have a victim, and education(which is what our government SHOULD be spending the vast majority of its' money in, imagine a world where instead of dropping 100,000 bombs on Iraq, we only drop 98,000 and those other 2,000 instead of being made fund every inner-city school's art and music departments that got slashed (by people claming shrinking government is a higher ideal than education). It really isn't hard, unless the government is occupied by two parties and both are jingoists.

So whats the answer?
The constitution is our social contract. The theory behind a social contract is that when certain individuals start violating our constitution and the supreme court has been so co-opted it does not stop such obvious abrogations, then the social force of "the people" will reclaim their power and individual rights. This is what people call a revolution, the problem with the social contract is the only true motivation in the past for revolution has always Essentially meaning that the middle class must be destroyed through a widening income gap, before any revolutionary action will ever occur. The US took this a step farther with a very powerful mass media that will always actively work against such an idea as "the people" reclaming the rights gauranteed to them by the constitution and declaration of independence. This means a massive movement has even less probability. So democracy was intended as the government that would make revolution obsolete, because of constant peaceful revolutions. Things like COINTELPRO destroyed these ideals our democracy has been hijacked by malevolent demagogues. They stand to benefit greatly from 9/11 and will be using it for sympathy in the next week. I am finding myself losing my opposition to the death penalty, becuase individuals who OKed the torture at Abu Ghraib should be given a trial(by a military tribunal in either an Ad-hoc world court or the International Court of Justice or the UN floor) and then executed if guilty. The crime of murder is much worse if our entire country funded it, OKed it, and then sat by and did nothing as we say what played out. YOU THINK ANYONE IN THIS WORLD GIVES A SHIT ABOUT 9/11 BESIDES AMERICA NOW!!!!?????? AMERICANS WATCHED THE BODIES BURIED IN DASHT LEILE, ALMOST THE SAME AMOUNT AS THE PEOPLE KILLED ON 9/11 WHAT PEOPLE CARE ABOUT IS THE UNITED STATES UNILATERALLY TAKING OVER A COUNTRY AND SYSTEMATICALLY TORTURING ITS' CITIZENS WE CANNOT FIGHT TERROR WITH TERROR! Or maybe real justice would be taking all the members of the administration that OKed these tactics and having dogs tear them apart, drown them, electrocute them, smear them with feces, rape their wives, sodomize their children, freeze them, burn them, starve them, and then finally dress them in military fatigues(without flak jacket of course, remember america doesn't care if the people dying for it are properly armored) and march their asses out in to the streets of Fallujah THAT WOULD BE A FITTING PUNISHMENT!

"Why do you hate america?" -Unwitting Imperialist
I don't hate America, I hate people who take the Idea of america(Codified in the Constitution and the Declaration of Indpendence) and shit on it. They shit on it and then drag it through even more shit, they fly to Eurasia to drag it through shit, they use it to justify the 20,000+ wounded in Iraq, the soon to be 1000 person death toll in iraq. What pisses me off more than people who accuse real patriots of being un-american, is when they hide behind the flag themselves. The united states constitution has never stood for colonialism or mercantilism or torture. These are the actions we take though. So to the people who call me anti-american because I am opposed to torture, to you sir or maam I say you are pro-torture so fuck off and stop hiding behind my flag. If you still think 9/11 had anything to do with Iraq then you're an idiot. If you think Afghanistan didn't have anything to do with Unocal you are also an idiot. If you think al-qaida just materialized out of thin air, and wasn't created by our funding and weapons when it was the mujahaden(Reagan's much ballyhooed 'freedom fighters')then you're ignorant. If you don't care that there is no actual point in time which we will definitively actually "win" the occupation of Iraq then you're a facist. If you think calling our country on its' evils is "anti-american" you are the anti-democracy and if the rest of america is like you, then democracy has already failed.

So now what?

We all sit in our respective homes, dutifully watching TV so we'll know what to buy when we get our next paycheck, pretending we live in a democracy but not actually voicing opinion instead shutting all voices of dissent down, bowing down to the flag which George Bush Jr. hides behind and uses for malevolent purpose, and we all embrace complacency.

"Our forefathers would think it's time for a revolution. This is why they revolted in the first place." Says Paul with a laugh, "They revolted against much more mild oppression." -Republican Ron Paul, talking about the Patriot act (thats

Democracy is the only form of government that has a chance of satisfying the right of self-determination. Democracy is also just a word, we need to be able to recognize when democracy has fully been co-opted by an oligarchic or facist power. We the people of the United States may have to forcefully take our democracy back if they start to herd us in to Ashcroft's camps and continue the erosion of our individual liberties.
Our greatest check on tyrannical power is set to go forth in November. We have all heard that this administration obviously has plans to halt the election, if they do I think we may have to react if we want to save the country we love.

-Jimothy J. Jones
(To all you haters, I do not advocate violence in any form, unless in self-defense, I am not seditious for the sake of being seditious, our forefathers gave us the duty to be vigilant over democracy, I am just one voice there are many others[maybe you agree that indefinite global warfare and systematic torture are the result of a fully functioning democratic system] we have to speak up though. The fundamental basis of democracy is that people speak up for their views, by looking through history we can establish empirical evidence, the illiterate hicks and the conservatives (who specialize in Ayn Rand type intellectual justifications of greed) that call us anti-american, these are the individuals who threaten our democracy. NEVER SILENCE DISSENT!!!
Even if they're wackos, idiots, and obviously wrong like those fuckers that don't belive in the halocaust or believe aliens control us, they're still humans that are gauranteed the right to an opinion. Don't just turn your back though, give them the facts, knowledge is power.


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