Thursday, October 07, 2004

Was Bush wired with an earpiece in Debate 1? Who was he linked up with? the Brain Karl Rove?

Many individuals noticed (respectively) that Bush had an awkward way of speaking, he paused before answering, he even remarked "let me finish" when there was no disturbance, and the most convincing piece of evidence is the picture of Bush's back (who was wearing a suit which is far to big for him, even though he gets them specially made at this one tailor who is incredibly expensive[i'll get the link it was in the New Yorker]) this picture of his back shows a strangely shaped bulge near the center top of his back. For those who think it some sort of microphone, the debate contract specifies that no microphones are allowed to be brought by individuals. It is also shaped so that it eliminates the posssibility that it is body armor. I will be researching this for the next few days, help me find the smoking gun, the blogosphere is lighting up with speculations. We need to investigate some hard facts and we need to create such a movment online that the mainstream media cannot ignore the evidence. Also remember that the original contract said that the cameras could not even show reaction shots or the backs of candidates(for bald spots), but these demands were ignored which probably made it harder to hide the bullshit. Also if you read mass media articles about how Bush prepped for the debate he did not spend time really at all prepping.

There is also testimony form an individual who says he watched a broadcast of Bush on French television and noticed he was recieving messages and repeating them.

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Here is the site with the picture:

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