Saturday, May 05, 2012

The "trial" of Kalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) and Ramzi Binalshibh

I am writing this because of my utter disgust at the proceedings of the kangaroo court in Guantanamo bay. This is something I cannot blame Obama for. He (Eric Holder) tried to treat this crime as a criminal matter. Rather than treating this crime as a military matter. Holding a trial where the crime was committed is an important symbolic act for proper justice. The laws of the state of New York or the laws of the federal government could have been used to prosecute these individuals. If they are guilty the evidence would have shown this and they would be convicted and sentenced. As I have stated repeatedly before the Florence ADX supermax is already the "arkham asylum" of the United States with MANY terrorists already imprisoned. Charging criminals with a crime and giving them a trial is what we have always done in the United States. It is what our constitution guarantees. And apart from our traditions and our legal system it is the only thing which even resembles a just response to crime for a society.

Republican legislators and corporate media managed to win another victory in their ongoing endeavor to fully militarize the American mind. They pretended that traditionally we haven't charged terrorists with crimes, given them trials, and incarcerated them. They pretended that it wasn't against the highest law of the land to waive habeus corpus. They pretended that it wasn't just to patch together a kangaroo court which will make these people in to martyrs for the islamist cause.

We will all regret allowing this to happen. This creation of martyrs strategy is something Egypt has been trying for years. We followed Egypt's lead in our political relationship to Islamist individuals when we engaged in torture and denied trials. We can look to their history to understand what happens next. When radical nutcases open their mouth and what they say is actually FUCKING TRUE! (Like the protest of the accused in this kangaroo court) WTF! We have proven a mass murderer right, it is disgusting. When we stoop so low that we prove a mass murderer right, guess what happens? Those people on the fence? They decide that the Islamist was right, because he IS right. He deserves a trial just like any human. These are not the same recruits that join the ranks of radical islam because you eat better in the barracks than on the street. These are the professional educated islamists who join these ranks from propaganda like this. These "trials" are an embarrassment to me as a citizen of the United States. They will be used to justify more terror attacks in the future. This is the first reason we will come to regret this bullshit kangaroo court brought on by jingoist republicans and their propaganda wing known as the media.

The second reason that we will regret this is because of the legal precedent it will set. If we allow it to be "OK" to deny anyone a trial, ESPECIALLY if the punishment is death, then this will be used to justify further "OKing" of denying other identities trials. This is a backdoor to the eradication of Habeus Corpus granting another victory to the very real agenda of corporatism that seeks to privatize all things and militarize civil society.

The last reason we will regret this is because the trial won't even fucking work! The stupidity of this trial is of such epic proportion it causes me a visceral reaction. Even if the accused decide to cooperate(which they fucking shouldn't that court has no legal authority derived from the people[and i'm pretty sure we're still a democracy, at least on paper]) and the trial goes straight to a very convincing conviction. It will be appealed through whatever fucked up legal rules they are deciding to use ,considering they will not be tried in violation of the laws that we the people have passed through our congresses. The appeals will be overturned because this trial is fucking absurdly unprecedented and has a disgusting amount of political intervention. Then these dirtbags can be let free because of all the whack legal process that got them there in the first place.

If they are guilty it should be easy to find evidence and prosecute them. There is no need to create a martyr, destroy our constitution, or create dangerous new legal precedents in order to incarcerate criminals. These individuals should be segregated from society so they cannot hurt more people and they should be punished for their actions...if they are guilty. That is why we have trials, there is NO justification whatsover for this kangaroo court. If anyone has a rational or logical reason why we should engage in this dangerous practice that won't reap any benefits, please share it with us.

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