Sunday, August 05, 2012

framing the events of mass shootings

FBI: Motive in Oak Creek Sikh Temple shooting unclear


I just thought I'd help the FBI understand the US for a second. First of all thank you for coming by here and you don't need to pay me for doing your job as analysts. 

Remember after 9/11 when there was widespread violence against Sikhs?

So far in the news this event is being filed in the same category as the guy who thought he was in an action movie. Eventually the evidence will be found that this individual is extremely prejudiced against Muslims. 

Ok don't go away yet, let me finish. As is often the case in instances of extreme prejudice: the ideology when put in practice becomes absurdly ironic. And in my own personal opinion people that are extremely prejudiced are not critical thinkers. 

The shooter was clearly a fucking idiot and a violent idiot to boot. My money is that he thought he was shooting Muslims. 


He thought he was playing his role in the global holy war that is the "war on terror". But, as was the case after 9/11, these idiots will soon find out that Sikhs are not Muslims. I don't know too much about them except that its mostly practiced and historically from India. It is a religion that is passed down in a guru-apprentice type deal. So its a religion of direct gnosis. They dig meditation and reading of their holy texts. One thing I do know for sure about Sikhs is that they are most certainly not Muslims.

It is our decontextualization from reality which has led to the loss of "the neighbor". This mass murderer, this self-proclaimed lieutenant in the holy war (which is also appearing as a race war more and more) was not even accomplishing his own warped vision of his self-posited role as he threw his life away. This is where it is sadly ironic...but...there is a but. I do not wish to lighten the immensity of 7 innocent people murdered. But when this happens the whole system of terrorism and state security the Ouroboros of modern politics is laid bare, because there has been a breakdown, or maybe  short circuit is the better word. 

It makes it clear that all the ideologues and all their guns and all the technology in all the universe will never make a utopia, they will only bring violence. Whether it is one person killing because he mistook someone's religion in the holy war that only existed in his head until he took 7 lives. Or whether it is a trillion dollar network of satellites, spys, and drones that executes a 16 year old United States citizen WITHOUT A FUCKING TRIAL.

So as you mr. fbi analyst come across this site, remember that your agency catches some terrorists but it also covers for its own terrorists. Now you know why a violent idiot quickly and forcefully eradicated necessary pieces of 7 families.

I started with an attempt to first of all frame this event, because apparently I'm the only one who gets it so far. I've been looking through all kinds of articles and nobody understands this angle. So although I was attempting to delineate The theater murderer from the Sikh murderer to begin with I think they share one thing in common. 

This is the presupposition of Cartesian metaphysics. Which makes the human a subject with an inside like a vessel or a thinking camera. In the video footage of the theater murderer James Holmes he talks about his project being a retroactive reality change. Fancy semantics for memory programming. His study in neurology no doubt continued to condition him with the notion that the human is a subject with an inside and outside. And that the inside could be changed studied manipulated. This assumption makes other people in to other vessels. It makes them in to computers who can be controlled and dominated. It makes "the other" whose death only serves to remind the self that it is alive. After establishing borders of inside and out it is only one more step in to the hyperrealist(in both senses of a wanna-be action hero shooter and international relation's endless war between states[or bodies that are akin to states, with their borders]). You are only possible through another. Without another you can never be anything, let alone be yourself. The murderer today suffered from a creation of his own Cartesian inner-world. His decontextualization from reality meant that he actually expanded the borders of his conception of the enemy to a group of people that do not in reality fit his conception of the enemy. Again the hyperrealism of a mass murder and the war of all against all.

But I could be wrong maybe he really hates Sikhs...

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