Sunday, December 03, 2006

Fuck Violent Protestors

I was reading this shitheads blog where he starts saying he supports people fighting with cops at protests. Fuck the dumb shit.
Fact:Protests are needed because without the peoples voice a democracy will not know what to do, leaving us with at best an ineffective government and at worst a totalitarian government.Fact:we are guaranteed the right to peaceably assemble and the right to freedom of speech. We are wronged illegally if either of these rights are violated.
Assumption: Some people believe that violence is a morally sound option at a peaceful protest.
There are Three situations where violence at a non-violent protest is merited: 1. Self-defense, at many time self-defense is needed to save your own life/to save your body from permanent damage.
2. Defense of others: a freind, a relative, or just some person being put to death by the domestic security forces may need defense.
3.Freedom of speech/assembly: Other times at a peaceful protest the police will illegally block off a road, protestors willing to break the law may be needed to break this down to let the rest of the protest through. Sometimes while attempting to remove barriers to protests violence is needed.
What happens when individuals react with violence at a peaceful assembly, when violence is not merited:1. Cops start shoting their rubberbullets at you and slamming you with the military grade tear gas. Of course none of it hits you, its just everyone around you. You bring pain and suffering upon individuals who wanted nothing but to express their opinion.
2.It provides negative press reaction, because they LOVE the clips of those “students/commies/anarchists” starting shit. You need to make the pigs look like the assholes(think lunch counter sit-ins) which is not that hard if you don’t react with violence when violence is not merited. Negative press reaction destroys the effect of all protest to share “what’s goin’ on” with the entire world.
rebuttals:1. “Cops beat the shit out of protestors no matter what, why do I care if I bring beatings to the people around me?”-ok, lets assume cops beat the shit out of protestors at 100% of protests. Inciting violence when it is not merited will make cops either aggravated or embarrassed. If the cops are aggravated or embarrassed in any way is it not logical to assume they will cause more pain and suffering to these individuals who just want to express their opinion peacefully?
2. “Try taking pepper spray to the face and not get pissed off, or see someone you love get hosed and beaten. You’ll want to stick the fucker”-Watch those lunch counter sit-ins, see them get beaten around and they didn’t do shit. You expose who the real animal is, and its not the people the news labeled as radicals.
3.”The violent protestors get more press then the packaged less-passionate protestors will ever get”-Remember who coined the term “There is no such thing as bad publicity. His name was Richard Milhous Nixon.
The moral of the story: Next time you see the empty bottle pick it up and throw it, in a recycling bin instead of into the line of soldiers of the status-quo.
Moral of the story for sensible people who don’t react with violence when it is not merited: Next time you see the guy pickin’ up a bludgeon of scrap metal and cocking back to throw it. Encircle his forearm with your hand and just ask “why?”. He knows its just going to hurt someone whos going to want retribution, which only means excess pain and suffering for his peers.
Final words:Protests either should be completely non-violent, or should have seperate entities of peaceful and violent natures. We saw some of this at the RNC and the uninaguration. The violent protestors travel together(away from the peaceful protestors) where they are needed to destroy roadblocks or defend peaceful protestors being killed. You personally wanna tussle with cops, well then break some traffic laws and the first one that shows up start shooting, I don’t give a fuck, thats YOUR ass. The minute you put other people’s (unwilling)asses on the line with your violence thats when I say “Fuck You!”
Disclaimer:In no way would I like to downplay the moral repugnancy of law enforcement when it comes to allowing peaceful protests. No matter what you do young guerrilla you’ll still never be as bad as the pigs that are brainwashed in to thinking that they’re still fighting the cold war and we’re communists (or they’re fighting the war on terrorism and we’re all John Walker Lindhs). They are still far worse for spraying kids, females, and the elderly with their fucking pepper spray. As well as bludgeoning the same people within inches of death, many times completely unprovoked.
Far too many of you so-called “anarchists” sound more like little totalitarians, willing to bring pain and suffering upon others for your own dreams to be realized.

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