Sunday, December 03, 2006

Let’s assume that all four flights were in fact hijacked. Then the hijackers piloted the planes for use as missiles. Also that everyone on those flights died when the planes crashed.
The following 2 simple strings of logic and conclusion is based on an assumption that this is true: Some of the people the FBI identified as the hijackers on 911 are still alive
The purpose of the assumption is to eliminate debate or concern over the credibility of the article (which has been corroborated on MSNBC). Instead focus exclusively on what this would mean.
1.(First String):The FBI release of the 19 hijacker’s pictures and names.
A. Self-evident truth~Everyone on those 4 flights on 9/11/01 died.
B. Assumed truth~ Multiple alleged hijackers are alive.
C. Conclusion~ these individuals were not on those hijacked planes.
-[Implications]-So the FBI either:1. Completely made shit up and fabricated at least 3 names on the list.
2. Actually thought the list was right and fucked up the investigation of the most important event in post cold-war history. (Neither are good implications)
-[Pre-empt]-Some kind of fake ID screw up:The fake ID arg is flawed it might have a chance of working at check in but that is it. 1. Under an FBI investigation they should be able to figure out whose identity was faked, especially for such a huge event as this.2. Video footage from the airport would show a different person3. If it was some kind of honest screw up, someone from the commission or the capitol should let the truth be known.
(Second String):The 911 commission report
A. Fact~The report has very precise details concerning the movements of the 19 hijackers that were identified by the FBI.
B. Conclusion from above(1C)~Alleged Hijackers that are alive were not on planes.
C. Conclusion~1. Either the 911 report used terrible evidence to investigate the attacks and think the 19 individuals are the hijackers and thusly are all dead.
2. This is an intentional fabrication of truth.
(Conclusion[the point]): This is a large and important portion of the 911 report that we have to accept as lies if we assume the articles are true.
This is not just a fact left out; this is a blatant fabrication and outright lie. This destroys the entire credibility of the report.
It also raises a great deal of questions that need to be adequately addressed. Or there needs to be investigation in to the credibility of
There still hasn’t been a retraction.
We do need to find out EVERYONE who was complicit in 911. We need to know The Truth of how it happened so we can prevent another.
And yes I do still care about it even though it was 4 years ago.
And what can it hurt to put together an independent investigation?All that can happen is we can weed out a few inaccuracies and find a few new truths.

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