Sunday, December 03, 2006

World Government

There are certain points in time when individuals seem to come together. In 1848 there was a revolution in Greece to unify and in the same year the Communinst Manifesto was published. Later on Germany would unify under Bizmarck, their language being their strong connection. Around this time Giuseppe was unifying Italy. There are periods of organization and periods of splintering in world history. Today we are in a splintering period with the exception of one entity. Throughout the world we see “ethnic conflict” individuals who identify with their race as their most important characteristic. Just like in Italy and Germany where language was one of the most important characteristics. We also see religious violence is widespread. We must come together if we are to survive the coming shock from peak oil and the destruction of the enviornment.
The European Union is the only exception to this overall movement towards splintering. The EU which started as a coal and steel agreement between Europeans countries to avoid protectionist clashes that often have spilled over in to trade wars and then actual warfare.This became the European Community and with the establishment of the Euro it is now the European Union. The European Union does not have a standing army and therefore will never be a sovereign supra-national body. The overall purpose of the EU was to provide a system of economic cooperation between neighbors which would keep good relations and improve the economy. One of the other results is to provide a counterbalance to the US Dollar. Which the Euro was wildly successful at achieving and the US dollar is now in a tail spin, because of the debt, imperial overstrech, and tax cuts. Without a standing army the EU will never be the world government.
The EU is not a contender. There are only two contenders for the title of world government: United Nations and Pax Americana.
The UN scenario is ridiculous. Member nations send their troops in to the UN and their money. The thought that the UN could become a world government itself is idiotic. The only way the UN could do this is if the EU used it as a mask and therefore finally had a standing army OR if the US used the UN as a mask to carry out its’ activities. The EU scenario is farfetched though, because the US donates the majority of money that the UN receives.
The only possible scenario is that the United States Empire/Pax Americana becomes the supranational body. The “ender’s game” book series by Orson Scott Card describes an earth unified under a world government simply called “The Hegemon”.
This is an interesting viewpoint to consider. I believe Scott purposely chose the word “Hegemon” to show that in this alternate future there is an “official” world government, while also showing that there has always been a world government.
The idea of Hegemonic power is nothing new. The world goes through different periods of power. Multipolar, Biopolar, and Unipolar are the three different types of world government organization. Britain is the most recent empire to come down. Brought down mostly by a single non-violent individual who crippled their economy and reputation. I put the fall of pax britannica in 1949 when they ran from India with their tail between their legs. Before that time Britain was the Unipolar world power, Britain was in fact the ‘world government’.
So to return back to our scenarios I think it becomes obvious the only possible way to establish a world government would be through Pax Americana. This is where many become deluded by religious texts rather than focus on political theory. When leaders in the US have talked about “new world order” they speak of ‘new world’..........order. They are using a euphemism for American Empire, American Hegemony, United States world government.
So we understand there is no scenario that is feasible for the UN or EU to become the world government. There is only one feasible scenario at this point and that is that Pax Americana the uni-polar hegemon could be the world government.
The next question is of course: Has the world government already been established?
My answer is yes. The US had already established itself as the hegemon in 1991, since then it’s influence has been spreading to all corners of the globe.
Which brings me to my conclusion: World government is good, if the people choose it. World government is bad if it is fascist and forced down people’s throats as it is today.
The individuals who focus on conspiracy theories involving world governments are victims of the irrational stimuli we know as “the bible”. They also distract from decrying our current world government as evil. All you idiots waiting for the UN to become the world government: WAKE UP! There is a world government RIGHT NOW, the ‘new world’ has taken over everything. All you idiots do is distract from real problems that are happening right now. Your anti-communist obsessions and your ridiculously childish delusions of grandeur and persecution. SHUT THE FUCK UP!
Why don’t you fucking idiots do some real research and writing, rather then quote barryfucking goldwater about the massive communist conspiracy.
In conclusion:We have all heard about your conspiracy theory and the time we spent reading about it would have been much more productive had we spent it masturbating.
You wanna hate world government, hate the one that is currently in place.
In ‘Valis’ Dick is confronted with a caricature of Nixon and McCarthy. The individual named Ferris F. Fremont rants and raves about a secret communist conspiracy. He has numbers of how many members are in the group and states at any second they are prepared to stage a coup. Well hey, people like democracy don’t they?So the obvious reaction is: ‘rally around the individual who seems to be protecting us from the threat’.The name of this group that Ferris manufactured the conspiracy theory about is ‘Aramchek’.
Dick’s response: If there is an Aramchek, Ferris is in on it.

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