Sunday, December 03, 2006

HIllary Clinton is a fascist Bitch

I hereby vow to not vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 election. I will donate and actively support Howard Dean for the Democratic nomination and vote for him if he receives it in the 2008 elections.
Well Joe Lieberman must have given up, because Hillary had to start picking up the slack. guess what america???????
First of all, yes I do like video games, yes they do kick ass, yes they are entertaining, yes they do waste time, but what the fuck you think you’re doin now reading this pile o’ shit.
GTA san andreas came out for xbox. I dig it, its hiliarious, you listen to the radio on that and the storyline half the stinkin’ game is ripping on the military, cops, and CIA. The combat gameplay has also been exponentially improved above GTA and vice city. So its one of the few things(that won’t alter consciousness) that I’ll pay 50$ for. So I rent it first on my freinds account, i’m playing it and all of a sudden I see on the news. There is “latent” content in the disc. All you need is a modded x-box or a modded ps2(no mods for PC) and you can “unlock” this content. Since the content is actually on the disk the game has its rating changed to (fucked if I know some mindfuck/doublespeak/newspeak restricted rating[that means the gov’t has to save you from yourself]). So the next day I make a run to a temple of consumerism and ask for it. “Nope they took it off the shelf when the rating changed”. Every fucking store in the city took it off the shelves. So my freind told the clerk that we rented the game from, that we lost the game and they’d have to charge him for it.
Now Hillary Clinton has picked up Lieberman’s crusade(you may know Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman as the people named most likely to have a lovechild named Barry Goldwater). Now this game is so dangerous for children “Think of the children sob sob this will warp their fragile minds*sob sob*”. In the meantime we’re firing depleted uranium bullets all over Iraq, ‘bout to drop tactical nukes on Iran, and creating torture camps for muslims. If anything will fuck these kids minds its growing up in a country that they tell you stands for peace and freedom, while killing and incarcerating everything that is different. Many others want to take a step further and actually ban the game. I think they should also ban catcher in the rye with it, i mean do you know the word FUCK is in that book!!????gasp I feel so dirty.
I mean I don’t even have a mod, mods cost like 100 bucks or some stupid shit. I don’t even want a mod I will NEVER SEE THIS LATENT CONTENT! But I still have to be protected from this obviously harmful content.
But thats not the point, the point has been around for over 200 years, its called the bill of rights. The first 10 amendments to the constitution. Now you may have forgetton 7, 8, 9, or 10. I mean they’re all the way at the end of the Bill of Rights, but even if you gave up reading the bill of rights i’m sure you got through the first few senetences. If you did: The amendment i’m talking about, ITS THE FIRST ONE! It says there is complete freedom of speech and press to express your opinion/mind. Well tell me how this “video game” doesn’t qualify for that and i’ll stop being angry at poor HIllary.
The other point is Art. Video games are art they are created by people from nothing, to entertain and make people laugh, think, relax, blah blah blah.
So these two cartoons having sex(there was an article in Rolling stone that has the pictures[which are hilarious]). So now the m4s blasting through pig’s heads and blowing up civilians stopped at red lights, the molotov’s in to homes, the harrier jet shooting missiles at civilians, or sneaking up on innocent pedestrians and slitting their fucking throat. These all pale in comparison to the image of 2 cartoons having intercourse.
Now If I want the game, I have to walk past the curtain in to the back room. As I scan movie titles, i always think out loud. “all anal, men on men, hardcore fucking, loads on faces, hoagie slapping, more anal, all lesbians, group sex orgies, oh! There it is GTA san andreas, right where it should be, inbetween Double anal double vaginal and the gay male hatefucking chronicles part 1 through 5”
Fuck you Hillary, you lost one person scared enough of Neo-cons to compromise, but not that much. Few years from now when you want to change the rating on the bible or some other dumb shit you let me know, because I love a good fire(i’ll bring the ‘mallows, Hillary will bring the crackers, and Guy Montag will bring the chocolate bars).

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