Sunday, December 03, 2006

Racial Profiling Shortened version

According to the NODCP in Samuel Walker’s book: “Sense and Nonsense about crime and drugs” 74% of those incarcerated for drug crimes in the United States are African-American, while this minority is 12% of the population and 13% of drug users.
The drug war is a system of institutionalized slavery that has been used to oppress African-Americans since they were given political equality in the 1964 civil rights act. Since 1964 the prison population has quadrupled, whereas before it stayed relatively the same with slight fluctuations.
The Prison Industrial Complex is growing at an incredible rate and privatization means that even businesses want a chance to lock people in cages for extended periods of time(because prisons will never close with the drug war being endless and all, privatized prison companies make a great stock investment).Many of them are the darlings of NYSE wackenhut, CCA, etc. It is great that the ability to keep humans locked in cages is a commodity(sarcasm). For example directly following 9/11 stocks on all these privatized corrections corporations went through the roof. It was obvious there would be a lot of cattle in them pens very soon, judging by the guy on the megaphone.
Its very easy to stop racial profiling: Step 1:record the race of all traffic stops, searches, and arrests; Step 2: make records public; Step 3: public takes care of rest.
Please someone tell me where i’m wrong in this solution.Tell me how this could possibly NOT work.
If you could easily access such records from your local police department and you found out that 74% of searches were done on African-Americans. Would you stand idly by? No, there would be watchdog groups, there would be grassroots organizations that would then attempt to hold law enforcement accountable. As more and more people heard about the bullshit more and more people would be angry about the bullshit.
This is of course getting ahead of ourselves. Most people(caucies) don’t think racial profiling even exists. They look at the statistic from the NODCP that three quarters of people serving time for drugs are black.
These individuals do not beleive this is a smoking gun that obviousl;y proves beyond any doubt that racial profiling is a reality and it is pervasive.They’re racist, yah I said it, if you don’t think that law is enforced unevenly you’re not only stupid, you’re racist.
These people like to brand individuals who are victims of racial profiling as crybabys hiding behind their race.
Now lets do a little assumption here. Lets assume that all these 74% of individuals are guilty. They committed a crime by possessing or distributing narcotics. Lets assume drugs were not planted, lets assume they didn’t find it in a car and charge everyone regardless if they use drugs, and lets assume the police aren’t straight racist.
The only answer is that drug use is only being prosecuted if its an African-American male from the ages of 18-34. Every once in awhile other races will get busted, they couldn’t help it. Maybe some white dude walked in to the station and asked if they had seen his crack pipe. I mean some of ‘em you can’t ignore, but you know maybe they hooked him up with a choreboy from the evidence room and let him hit a rock on the stoop. I mean one more white person would really throw off the proportion. Maybe they are eurocentric and just feel bad about subjecting other Caucies to slavery?
Not only would it end racial profiling effectively and permanently.
It would give the people a little control over their solidiers of the status quo.
The forces running our government want to enslave all people. They will start with the easy ones. The ones that so many people don’t care about, because they’re fucking racist. So now that our prison population has overtaken Russias. Now that we over a million prisoners in our coutnry. Now that we have 1 million slaves, who will find it next to impossible to get a job when they get out, so they’re always going to be slaves.They’ll start with what middle america thinks the perpetrator looks like(you know tim mcveigh vs. bin laden which one is gonna amp up support for war with the mdidle east?).
So black males 18-34 my advice to you: Run.
Good Luck

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