Sunday, December 03, 2006

Monitorin Al-CIAduh's Chatter

Well first we start off with one assumption: Since Carl Bernstein (a more credible reporter than most because of his role in breaking Watergate) published The CIA and the Media Which I cannot find a complete version of ANYWHERE online if anyone could help me out that would be fuckin’ awesome. Anyway he publishes this in Rolling Stone in the late 70s. Now if individuals had listened to the truth he tried to spread there may have been a little movement to clean house. We may have seen a few more media outlets asking questions about CIA connections, we may have seen congress do an investigation, and maybe we would have put a little accountability on the unaccountable intelligence apparatus. Instead this article was “conspiracy theory” and so we can only assume one thing (which I will do for the purposes of this entry) and that is that it has only gotten worse since this was published. Couple more cites: 1 2 3 4 5
Alright so we understand that the Cocaine Importation Agency has journalists “embedded” with real journalists. Now we should take a quick look at the people behind the agents. Now the CIA does not control all media if that is your understanding of this writing then just stop reading I don’t want you here. Mainstream media sources can have their message broadcast the world over….multiple times! Hundreds of times! How about 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! With such a massive propaganda machine one can inculcate billions, and quickly! Now the CIA does not control all media if that is your understanding of this writing then just stop reading I don’t want you here. So who runs these massive propaganda disseminators? Well it turns out that the airwaves are public and every so often they are licensed for use to a third party. This is where the institutions of corporations come in to play. We all understand that corporations are legally a person thanks to the Santa Clara decision. So these legal persons decide what they will pay people to scream about all day. Now what is the nature of a corporation you ask? The answer is that Corporations are driven by profit, they are in fact required by law to seek profit no matter what the other costs, and the only growth that matters is growth in profit. So what propaganda will this corporation disseminate? The answer is any type that will help the bottom line.
The major controllers of what is termed “mainstream media”(MSM) are people…people that we call corporations. So under that assumption we will look at what I like to call the “collective conscious”. This idea is different from the Jungian version that generally states that we are all just pieces of a shattered mirror that was once a single object. Instead this refers to the general sense of organized and top-down truth. They can use their power to criticize actual truth, some thought is deemed radical and other thought is deemed “conspiracy theory”. By either marginalizing the truth or condemning the truth as paranoid insanity the MSM manages to maintain its’ position as arbiter of the collective conscious. For example: a majority of United Statesians thought 911 was linked to Saddam. This was not solely because of corporations this was also a concentrated effort by the white house and pentagon, which the MSM helped disseminate because it benefits them. (Anyone have the listing of correspondence to War machines? like GE owns CBS or something I can’t remember exactly so I don’t want to write it, somebody help me out?)
At least at a site like this that is centered on research and discussion we all understand that Saddam had NOTHING to do with 911. In fact the “Al-Qaeda/CIAduh/muslim brotherhood” in Iraq fights against Saddam. They would kill saddam if given half a chance because he was a self-proclaimed secular socialist. So how did people come to believe that the truth was: “Saddam had a hand in 911”? Rice’s quote and the MSM’s constant dissemination.
So how do we fight against it?
(The following may be perceived as an advertisement, but I don’t receive shit from them. I just want to let others know about a tool that helps me)
Google Desktop This shit does two things without plugins:1. Indexes your hard drive so you can google search it fucking instantaneously2. Provides you with scrolling articles similar to RSS feeds. As you tell the program to “not show articles like this” (which I did to hundreds of sports “journalism” articles).
It reminded me of chatter. I saw hundreds of articles on Iran recently. So it allows us to observe and come to conclusions about where this massive crypto fascist machine is headed next. As “Chatter” increases about Iran we know that they are trying to build public support for a war in Iran.
The thing that truly scares me is that a terrorist attack will be stages by our government to catalyze public support for war with Iran. The reason I see this as plausible is because people are starting to wizen up about Iraq and realizing its not all “liberation” and being greeted with flowers. As public opinion shifts on Iraq it will be harder to rally support for Iran. Thus making a terrorist attack a prerequisite for invasion.
One word of advice: Do NOT have google desktop on while you’re working. It spits hundreds of great articles at you, you’ll end up under a stack of 50 articles, but you’ll have a grin from ear to ear. (Political junkies only)
So my suggestion is some people should grab the program and start monitoring AL CIAduh Chatter. Then post on GNN about what you think. We may think we’re journalists, but I think many of us are more skilled at being media watchdogs.
Central meme:Carl Bernstein, “The CIA and the media How America’s most powerful news media worked hand in glove with the central intelligence agency and why the church committee covered it up” Rolling stone October 20, 1977 1

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